What I ate in Budapest, Hungary (Vegan)

Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery

There were whipped cream, custard cream in the pastry. The pastry was not crispy, but it tasted good.

Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery
Halved pizza (a combination of two pizza)

The pizza on the left is Coal-Burner. On top of the leavened spelt pizza dough were tomato sauce, faux sausage, seitan cubes, smoked tofu, red onions, oregano, garlic, non-dairy cheese.
The pizza on the right is Hawaii. On the dough, tomato sauce, seitan cubes, corn, pineapple, oregano, garlic, non-dairy cheese went up.
The pizza was salty as a whole. But it wasn’t bad. Especially, it was good to have two kinds of cheese. There were shred cheeses and slice cheeses.

Matrjoska Kroshka
Yellow split peas cream soup with herbs, Apple spritzer

I ordered a lunch menu with soup, main menu, and drink. First of all, I was surprised that they used disposable containers. I don’t like wooden cutleries. So I had to drink the soup like a drink. It was also a thin soup and the spoon was too small to use. The soup was delicious.
Apple spritzer was a mixture of sparkling water and Apple juice.

Matrjoska Kroshka

Russian filled pasta variations with 3 sauces & toppings (tomato sauce with rosemary & sweet potato sauce with cinnamon & Roasted seed mix)
The filled pasta looks cute like a UFO. There was a beetroot in the stuffing so the color was very pretty. And sweet potato sauce was really good.

Vega City
Cheese cake, Pasta with potato (small size)

The berry jelly on the cheesecake was really delicious. Inside, there was mashed tofu. Sometimes I chewed large pieces of tofu. The cake sheet was a chocolate sheet.
This was the place to choose a main dish first and to choose the toppings. I chose pasta with Potato as a main dish. On top of that, I added breaded eggplant, bared mushroom, and dolma roll. You can’t see it well in the picture, but the pasta was really delicious. Mashed potatoes, soft pasta, and spices all mingled well. The breaded eggplants on top were really delicious. The breaded mushroom was rich in salt. The dolma roll was not good.

Veganeria Bisztró Vegán étterem

It was fizzy lemonade, and it wasn’t too sweet. It smelled fragrant because it contains mint, lemon, and orange.

Veganeria Bisztró Vegán étterem
Penne with garlic, creamy spinach stew

The creamy spinach sauce was really delicious. Pasta was well cooked, so the texture was good. It was not boring to eat because there was coconut cheese on top.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Gombás ravioli, Marcipános-csokis pozsonyi kifli

On the left is mushroom ravioli. It is made of wheat flour, margarine, common mushroom, onion, potato, carrot, celery, white wine, soy milk, extra virgin olive oil, water, sage, thyme, salt, black pepper. Crispy but it was too salty.
On the right is marzipan-Chocolate Bratislava croissant. It is made of wheat flour, margarine, cane sugar, marzipan, chocolate chip, water, yeast, salt. There are a lot of marzipan and chocolate chips inside. It was really sweet.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Füstös-gombás rusztikus pizza

It’s smoky-mushroom rustic pizza. It is pizza made of wheat flour, water, mushrooms, vegetable milk, vegetable cream, vegetable yogurt, natural liquid smoke, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, parsley, salt.
It was bread pizza dough. The bottom of the bread was crispy. It was really good.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Biopont Organic oat drink with vanilla

It was a delicious oat milk. This vanilla flavor was good, but I also recommend ‘rice coffee’ flavor. It tasted like coffee with roasted barley. It was amazing.

Madal Food – Vegan Restaurant – Étterem
Alfredo di zucca

Creamy, spicy plant based sauce with roasted pumpkin seeds, cashew
On top of the pasta were vegan cheese, cherry tomato, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. I loved the taste of pasta. And the cashew sauce was really good.
By the way, that’s the name of the restaurant on Google Map. So I thought everything there was a vegan. But that place was divided into cafe and pasta bar. The cafe was not 100% vegan.

Madal Food – Vegan Restaurant – Étterem
Vegan croissants

It was more like a soft bread than a crispy pastry. It’s not bad though.

ProVita Zöldség Gyümölcs

They were selling a small piece of Jackfruit. It was perfectly ripe. It was a delicious jackfruit.

Great Bistro – Vegan restaurant
Chickpea omelette

Inside the omelette were green lettuce mix, tomato, avocado, tempeh bacon, vegan cheese, vegan mayo. The omelette was salty but still good. It was more delicious because of the tempeh bacon cooked with soy sauce and vegan cheese.

Great Bistro – Vegan restaurant
Sweet ball

It was a sweet ball made of millet. And the sauce was delicious. It tasted like yogurt drink with cinnamon. It was really delicious to eat with the sauce.

Gelarto Rosa
Sour cherry with sea buckthorn, Mango, Basil lemon

There was no milky gelato. Still, it was interesting to eat rose-shaped gelato for the first time. It looked really pretty. And It tasted great. Specially basil lemon was my favorit.

Plantmilkyway Vegan Pastry & Coffee Shop
rózsa málna pisztácia entremet, Tiramisu

Rose raspberry pistachio entremet was a cake with a lot of cashew. And there was jelly inside. Tiramisu was also delicious. They both seemed to be raw cake. I don’t prefer raw cake, but these cakes were nice.

Plantmilkyway Vegan Pastry & Coffee Shop
Limenita Apple mango juice

It was a common mango juice taste. It was 100% cold paste juice. It was good.

Szabad Bisztró

It was fizzy lemonade. The cup was big, but there was not much lemonade because there was too much fruit. It tasted good though.

Szabad Bisztró
Pasta with mushrooms and vegetables (daily menu)

It was a pasta with bell pepper, carrot, mushroom, cabbage, scallion, soy sauce, ginger, chili powder and sesame seeds. This pasta is the most salty food I’ve ever eaten. It was torture for me who never leave food. And I had to go to atm because I couldn’t pay by credit card. I was embarrassed because he didn’t tell me in advance.

What I ate in Bratislava, Slovakia (Vegan)

Many restaurants are closed because of Good Friday and Easter. So I couldn’t go to five restaurants that I wanted to go to. So I ate more desserts than meals instead.

La Donuteria
Arašidové maslo (Peanut butter)

The doughnut was so soft and huge. Peanut icing was delicious, too.

Foodstock Bratislava
Homemade bread, Miso, Green hummus

Bread was a bit hard and dense.
Miso soup contained seaweed, fried tofu, sesame seeds, coriander and scallion. (Miso and Gyoza are sold as a set. I ate a set menu, so the amount of soup is small.)
Hummus contained homemade tahini paste, peas and moroccan mint. The mint scent was strong. It was all salty. And honestly, it wasn’t delicious.

Foodstock Bratislava

Crispy vegetable gyoza with teriyaki sauce
On top of the crispy gyoza were scallion, sesame seeds, edamame, shiitake mushroom and teriyaki sauce. But the teriyaki sauce was sprinkled a lot, so it was really salty!!! It was too salty. It was shocking. It’ll be really good if I eat it without the sauce.

La Donuteria
Lesné ovocie (Forest fruits)

There were dried strawberries, dried blueberries, and dried raspberries on top. This doughnut’s icing is so moist that it melts well. It was uncomfortable to eat, but it was delicious.

Anker (Aupar shopping mall)
Paradajková focaccia (Tomato focaccia)

It was really salty, but it was delicious. It was really crispy on the outside.

Chestnut, Almond

I liked both of them. But almond (the ice cream above) was more delicious than chestnut.

Arthur Ice Cream 

It was expensive, but it tasted good.
I don’t really like fruit gelato. The only thing I could eat was pistachio. And I can’t pay with my credit card…

Made With Laf 
Thai Red Curry

Coriander, black sesame seeds, carrot, red pepper, green beans, broccoli, chili, mushroom, coconut milk, jasmine rice
This coconut curry was really delicious. I’ve never had a bad coconut milk curry. Coconut Curry never disappoints me.

La Donuteria
Karamelovy lotus (Caramel lotus)

Icing was just like peanut donut. Lotus on the donut was surprisingly crispy.

i Nonni
Coconut yogurt, Pistachio

Both of them were really delicious. There was glacé pineapple in coconut yogurt.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)

Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, water
It tasted like lemon juice that wasn’t sweet. It was good to drink before eating.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)
Kubu salad

Lettuce, radicchio, caramelized lime, carrot ribbons, avocado, radishes, cucumber, lime dressing
This salad was really good. Especially, the salad dressing was really good. It was a lime dressing with a little bit of soy sauce. And there were a lot of sesame seeds on it. It was like eating an Asian-style salad.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

Garlic, olive oil, chili, parsley
It was delicious pasta. And there was only one piece of chili, so it wasn’t spicy.

La Donuteria
Mliečny kokos (Coconut)

I wanted to taste all the doughnuts they sell there. So I didn’t really expect the taste. But this coconut donut was really good. I’m completely in love. Coconut icing wasn’t damp or wet. That’s why it was more delicious.

La Donuteria
Svieža jahoda (Strawberry)

The icing which contained berry juice, melted very well. It’s inconvenient to eat, but it doesn’t matter It’s delicious anyway.

What I ate in Vienna, Austria (Vegan)

Swing kitchen (Schwedenplatz 3-4 / 4-5)
Lemonade, Tiramisu, Coleslaw, Vienna burger

Lemonade was a fizzy lemonade.
Tiramisu was not as moist as I thought. But it was delicious.
There were creamy cabbage, carrot, celery, crispy fried onion, green salad in coleslaw. Especially fried onions were really crispy. The sauce was delicious and the vegetables were really crunchy. It was delicious.
And there were vegan schnitzel, garlic sauce, salad, red onion, cucumber, tomato, chives in burger. Bread and schnitzel were really good.

Let me tell you first. I love this restaurant. I was so happy that I went there five times. And I ate a lot of burgers in Vienna.

Veggiezz (Opernring 6)
Delight burger + Salad instead of home fries (€0,90)

Rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumber, guacamole, red onion rings, fresh sprouts, carrots and orange mustard
Burger Patty was really watery. It wasn’t a delicious burger.
People say there is a lot of racism in Austria. Yes, I couldn’t avoid it either. I hate this place.

Swing kitchen (Operngasse 24)
Cheesecake, Soda water

Although the crust was wet, the cake was better than I thought.


Inside pastry was translucent cream with soy beans. The cream was delicious.

Französische creme-schnitte

There was whipped cream and jelly-like custard cream between pastries. It was delicious.

Swing kitchen (Schottenfeldgasse 3)
Raspberry soda, Almond-nougat-dream, Sweet # fries, Chicago edgy

Raspberry soda seemed to have lost some carbonation, but it was good.
-Almond cake with chocolate-pudding cream topped with a nougat-icing and decorated with chocolate and almond-nougat balls.- It was a cake that reminded me of ferrero rocher. It was delicious.
Sweet # fries were soft and crispy. The shape was cute, too.
Inside chicago edgy were hand marinated cutlet, organic ketchup, swing mayo, salad, red onion, tomato, pickles. It was really delicious.


Spring vegetable gratin with garlic crust and small salad
There were red onion, potato, sweet potato, tomato, mushroom, zucchini, and cashew sauce in a gratin. Gratin was really good!

Swing kitchen (Operngasse 24)
Swiss wrap, French fries, Raspberry-yogurt-poppyseed-cake, Basil-lemon dip, Elderflower soda

There were hash brown, hot cauliflower, garlic sauce, salad, red onion, tomato in swiss wrap. Cauliflower and hash brown were great together. I didn’t expect it, but it was really good.
I was a little disappointed that french fries weren’t crispy. But basil-lemon dip was delicious, so I could eat it well.
Cakes here are weird. Tiramisu is not moist, cheesecake and this cake were too wet. It’s so funny. It’s still delicious.
Elderflower soda was sweet and fragrant.

Happy cashew cashewgurt (mango), Booja-booja ice cream (Vanilla)

Yogurt was fine. Actually, I don’t know the taste of yogurt because I ate it while eating ice cream…
The ice cream included water, cashew nuts, agave syrup, coconut syrup, vanilla extract. It was vanilla ice cream that tasted a lot of cashew nuts. It was delicious.

Swing Kitchen (Schwedenplatz 3-4 / 4-5)
Cheese burger, Mango coconut cake, Soda water

There were soya patty with vegan cheese, tomato-concassée salad, swing-mayo, red onions, yellow turnip, carrot, bell pepper, red cabbage in cheese burger. This burger wasn’t really that good. But it was worth eating because of crispy patty and cheese.
The cake wasn’t bad. Actually, this is not a good place to eat cake. I just wanted to eat all cakes there.
When I think of Vienna, I think this restaurant will come to my mind first.

What I ate in Prague, Czechia (Vegan)

Vegan’s Prague

This place does not provide tap water for free. However, there are mint, lemon and orange in the water, It’s worth it.

Vegan’s Prague
Soup of the day (zucchini soup)

It was salty but it was really delicious.

Vegan’s Prague
Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce with chickpeas-quinoa balls, served with rice or homemade dumplings
This main course was Czech specialties. I ordered it because I didn’t think I could taste it anywhere. Soft chickpeas-quinoa balls, tomato sauce, and bread dumpling were all delicious.

Vegan’s Prague
Baked cake – daily offer (Chocolate cake)

It was delicious chocolate cake. There was apricot marmalade in the middle. It was more delicious because of this marmalade.

Forrest vegan bistro & espresso bar
Peanut butter cake

It was whipped cream on the chocolate sheet cake. There were banana and whipped cream in the middle. By the way I don’t know where the peanut butter is.

Forrest vegan bistro & espresso bar
Pandan pancakes

Buckwheat flour, pandan, soya whipped cream, seasonal fruit, agave
Pancakes are delicious. It’s my first time eating pandan, but I didn’t smell anything unusual. There were pomegranate, banana, and apple. And there were a lot of whipped cream on the top.

Raspberry bread

Actually, I asked about the name of this bread, but I can’t remember… The taste of bread wasn’t bad.

Go Green!

Rice noodles with cilantro-cashew pesto with garlic & lemon juice, chilli, roasted cashew, mung sprouts & lime
Rice noodles were really soft. Cilantro-cashew pesto was good. It was good to chew soft rice noodles and crispy mung spouts together.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop
Boston cream

It was doughnut full of custard cream. It can’t be bad.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop
Cokolotus (choco & lotus)

Inside the doughnut were cream made of caramel and crushed lotus. It was really tasty.
If you go there late afternoon, all the donuts are sold out, so it’s better to go early.

Chutnej bistro

Rice cream with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onion, onion, garlic, vegan cheese, herbs
All ingredients matched well. Everything was awesome.


I didn’t know it was cash-only place. So I could only eat cake. It was disappointing, but the cake was delicious. There were coconut flakes, bananas, blueberries, and flowers.

Spinach balls in creamy carrot sauce with ginger and coconut milk, rice

Hot pepper on top was really spicy. I’ve been distracted for a while. But spinach balls and carrot sauce were really delicious. The sauce was reminded of yellow coconut curry. It was a very satisfying lunch.

Raspberry aid

It was too heavy to lift with one hand. There were a lot of drinks. It tasted like carbonated water.

Burger with pulled oyster mushrooms & courgette

If you order a burger, you can choose side dish and sauce for free. I ordered side salad with plevel dressing and chili soyannaise dips. The salad was mixed with sweet dressing. Chili mayonnaise was really delicious without being greasy.
There was also caramelized onion and bell pepper in burger. Mushrooms were salty, but they were really chewy.

MyRaw Café
Golden mylk

Almond milk, banana, turmeric, pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, dates
I was worried about the smell of spices, but I didn’t have to worry. It didn’t smell strong and it was really delicious. And I felt the taste of apples.

MyRaw Café
Apple crepes with cashew cream and caramel

Banana, apples, cinnamon, dates, agave, orange juice, mesquite
The crepe was so tough that it was really hard to cut, but it was delicious. There were so many apples in it. It tasted a lot of cinnamon, too.

Chutnej bistro
Sweet potatoes

Rice cream, sweet potatoes and potatoes, cherry tomatoes, beans, red onion, mushrooms, vegan cheese, herbs
Pizza dough was thin and crispy. Sweet potatoes were really sweet, and potatoes were savory. Rice cream is really delicious, too. I’m so into cream sauce that I don’t want to eat tomato sauce anymore if possible. And I don’t like onion because of the smell, but onion here don’t smell bad or spicy. I guess they’re putting onion in cold water. I really love pizza here.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Toasted hazelnuts, chocolate, and toffee cream were perfect. I think I’ll miss Prague because of pizza and donut.

What I ate in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (Vegan)

Flowers Kitchen
Veggie Quiche

There were carrot, potato, and leek in quiche. Quiche was a little salty and not that good. The salad tasted fresh with lemon juice in it. Salad and beet pickle were good.

Flowers Kitchen
Peanut butter chocolat cake

At the top of cake were chocolate granola and blueberry. There was thick peanut butter cream in the middle. Cake base was moist and delicious.

Mango vietnamese, Vegan cheese fries

White organic bread, mango chutney, spicy mayo, pickled daikon & carrots, spring onions, green chili
Burger bun was really soft. Patty was crispy patty. It was like falafel without spices. It was a really delicious burger.
The salad was mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Cheese sauce on top of fries was good. There was lots of cheese sauce.
And I can choose one sauce for free. I picked homemade mayo. It was delicious mayo for homemade.

Citrus tart

There was meringue cookie. I never thought I could eat meringue cookies. It was really nice. Tart crust was crispy. And it was like eating a soft cookie.

Chia & mix noix, Heart beet (cold pressed juice)

Chia seed, almond milk, vanilla, almond nut, cashew nut, dates, blueberry, sesame seed
Chia pudding was very plain. But nut paste under chia pudding was sweet. It was delicious to eat together.
Juice contained apple, beet, ginger, orange, and pear. It wasn’t fresh juice. It was fermented. It was like drinking vinegar drink.
I went there at 11 o’clock, but not all food was ready. I think it would be nice to go there in the afternoon.

Nirvana Café

The choice of dishes changes daily. Options include onion bhajis or vegetable pakoras, two different types of lentils and pulses for protein, white or brown rice, two types of vegetable curries and fresh salad. Fruit for dessert.
This restaurant serves buffet from 12:00 to 14:00 every day. Yellow lentil curry at the top was best. Potato curry on the right of lentil curry is a bit spicy, but it’s delicious, too. Onion bhaji (top left) and salad were salty. Except fried and salad everything was delicious. And there were orange and apple for dessert.

Broccoli almond soup

It was smooth soup with a sour taste. It wasn’t my style, but it was fine.

Main dish

Quinoa with creamy asparagus, roasted cauliflower, asparagus cashew cream sauce and a mixed spring salad
There were radish, sunflower seed, apple, celery, pickled carrot and beet, lettuce, radicchio, rocket, and hemp seed in salad. There was fruit in salad dressing. And asparagus, cauliflower and quinoa were really soft.

Raw chocolate cake

Reason why I don’t eat raw cake often is because of the crust. But this crust (crust contained hazelnuts and sugar) was good. It was delicious, even though I was quite full when I ate this cake.

Shish falafel plate, Sweet potato fries extra, Andalouse sauce

Cabbage, tarator sauce, mushrooms, full, hummus, tabbouleh, fried pita
Shish falafel has beet juice in it, unlike ordinary falafel. There’s more spice, too. Mushrooms were cooked with coriander seed. In fact, everything was not my style except pita bread and cabbage. Spices were strong, and too sour to me. I was quite hungry at the time, but it didn’t taste good.
And sweet potato fries was not good either. It wasn’t crispy, it was just greasy. But andalouse sauce was really delicious.

Warm clafouti

With plum and ice cream
Mango sorbet was really delicious. Clafouti had a lot of berries in it.

What I ate in Brussels, Belgium (Vegan)

Le Botaniste
Joe’s smashed potato, Pear chocolate cake

Potatoes, wild mushroom gravy, salad mix, aioli dressing
Below lettuce, kale, and red cabbage pickle were filled with gravy and wedge-shaped steaming potatoes. The gravy was delicious, and there were lots of potatoes in it.
The cake seemed to contain a lot of chickpea powder. I felt like I was eating moist bread crumb rather than cake. But it tasted good.

Cashew toast

Organic cashew, carrot and beetroot marinated with maple syrup vinaigrette, pickled cucumber, pumpkin seed
There were sprouts, coriander, and sunflower seeds, too. Cashew sauce was really delicious. Carrot and beetroot was really sweet. It goes well with cashew sauce. It was delicious toast.


It was a really delicious croissant. It was crispy, soft, and it smelled good.

Le Botaniste
Pasta al mafiosi

Whole grain pasta, bolognese sauce, green herbal oil, gomasio
There was a lot of vegan meat in that sauce. Pasta was not chewy because it was a pre-cooked pasta. The overall taste was not bad.

Croissant, Citron cake

Croissant were really delicious. Vegan croissant is hard to find, especially not many delicious croissant. It was really good.
Citron cake was really delicious, too. It was more delicious because there was lemon icing on the top. I’d like the cake to be a little bigger.

Waffel + Chocolate + Whipping Cream

If you like crispy waffle, don’t add topping. I added chocolate and whipped cream. Whipping cream melts like water. The waffle was really damp. I bought another waffle that didn’t add toppings because I liked the crispy waffles. Waffle itself was really delicious.

Kookie cat (Chia lemon)

I bought cookie at the store. It was cashew & oat cookie, it tasted healthy. There were a lot of chia seeds in it.

Yummy Bowl
Sunny bowl

Pearled barley, young shoots, avocado spring roll, kale cabbage, grilled fresh corns, rocket, enoki, chickpeas, roast butternuts, carrots, cucumber, grilled aubergines, granny apples, mango, beet, edamame, muesli, peanut
Spring roll contained noodle, beet pickle, carrot, avocado, spinach, and mung bean sprout. Cucumber, carrot and beet in the bowl were pickled. It was amazing because there were so many ingredients. It was fun. Of course it tasted good.

Citron cake, Harves moon (mango & maracuja)

Citron cake I had before was really small. This time cake was big. Because I bought last cake. It was delicious. Coconut yogurt (coconut milk with yoghurt cultures) was not bad. It was over 3 euro. It’s a little expensive.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar
The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar

Luckily buffet opened when I stayed in Brussels. Looking at Facebook, buffet at the restaurant seemed to happen once in a while. It was really precious. There were bread, spread, salad, steamed vegetable with rice, grilled vegetables (carrot, zucchini), pasta, soup and more. It was really nice to be able to eat variety of foods.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar

Among them, I liked tofu cucumber Sun-dried tomato salad (top Left), artichoke tomato black olive salad (top right), tofu tomato pasta (bottom left), cream potato zucchini (bottom right) the most.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Kuhbonbon Caramel

It wasn’t chewy, soft caramel. But it was delicious.