What I ate in Budva, Montenegro (Vegan)

Broccoli quiche, Lemonade

It was a quiche with a lot of cashew cream. The broccoli was soft and delicious. But the food was really salty.
Lemonade was fine.

Spaghetti Restaurant
Vegetable pizza

I ordered it without cheese. There were black olive, eggplant, mushroom, bell pepper, and zucchini on the pizza. The dough was thin and really crispy. It was the best vegetable pizza I’ve ever had. It was really crispy to the end.


There were mayonnaise, green olives, tomato, mushrooms, onions, and chili sauce on the pizza. It was nice.
The sushi had lettuce, cucumber, red paprika, tofu and mayonnaise. It tasted good, but I felt like I was eating undercooked rice.
The wrap contained sausages, red cabbage, mayonnaise, cucumber, spinach, and paprika. I liked it because it wasn’t just a regular tortilla. It was very soft. I enjoyed it.
On the right, it was grilled tofu wrapped in nori. It was salty but not bad.


It was a smoothie with arugula, banana, water, and ginger. Good!

Chocolate cake

I can’t predict this place. I knew this place uses a lot of salt. But the cake was too salty. Honestly, it was shocking. The cook must have made a mistake.

Zelena Pijaca market

I bought 1 kilogram of cherries. It wasn’t fresh, but it was really sweet.

Opium Snack Bar
Vegetable sandwich

I ordered without cheese. The sandwich contained lettuce, tomato, carrot, zucchini, bell pepper, and cucumber. It was a panini sandwich. The bread was really hot and crispy. The vegetables were really hot, too. The sandwich was not bad, but the french fries smelled like dirty sea.


It was a smoothie with almond milk, frozen banana, cranberry, and vanilla. It was a thick smoothie. It was really good.

Blueberry cashew cake (still frozen)

There were dried cranberries and sugared pineapples on top. And it was three layers, so it looked pretty. The cashew wasn’t a smooth texture.
The crust contained a lot of coconut sugar. The texture of the sugar was interesting.

Ruski mix

It’s grapefruit, apple, orange, and carrot juice. The juice contained lemon and orange slices, and the juice was quite delicious. But I think that’s grenadine syrup…

Spring rolls with vegetables

Spring rolls contained onion, carrot, zucchini, paprika, and cabbage. There was arugula underneath, and peanuts above. The vegetables were too large, and the vegetables were not cooked. And it’s incredibly greasy.

Veggie roll

The roll contained avocado, carrot, paprika and cucumber. There was a smell of old rice. Except that was fine.


It was lemon, mango, strawberry gelato. The texture was really chewy.

MB Ice Club
Very berry

It’s raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, apple juice. It was good because it was a fresh fruit. It would have been better if it was cold, but it was still delicious.

What I ate in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Vegan)

Lemonade with ginger & turmeric

It was lemonade that tasted ginger. The lemonade was decoated with cucumber. I had to smell the cucumber every time I drank.

Chili con tempeh (Monday menu)

On top of chili were millet, guacamole, cashew nut sour cream, sweet potato chips, nacho, coriander, red chili pepper, black sesame.
Chili had tempeh, corn, green bean, and onion. Especially there was a lot of corn. Overall, it was really delicious.

Vanilla jasmin tea

Jasmine tea with vanilla was really great!

Buddha bowl (Tuesday menu)

There were quinoa and buckwheat at the bottom. In the middle, there were bell pepper, carrot, and zucchini. At the top, there were scallion, cabbage, baked chickpeas, celery, spinach, eggplant, and broccoli. It was sprinkled with thin mustard sauce and chopped coriander.
I had to be careful when I ate baked chickpeas, because it was hard. But the vegetables were really soft and delicious.

Salad bar (Daily fresh salad choice on the buffet)

The salad bar had cooked baby carrot, chilie con tempeh, quinoa, pumpkin, millet, cooked zucchini, green pea and rice, cooked eggplant, shredded zucchini, pickled red cabbage, lettuce, tomato, pickled cabbage, cooked beet, shredded carrot, cucumber.
And there were balsamic vinegar, oils, flaxseed, sunflower seed, cashew nut, and flexseed cracker on the second shelf.
On the third shelf, there were baked tofu, vegetable ball, zucchini bread, salt, and pepper.

Salad bar

I put all the food in my bowl. Everything was fine except the zucchini bread. It was salty.

Strawberry cheesecake

It was a cashew cheesecake. Crust was made from nuts and dried fruit. I even had an orange.

Gastro shop Pomalo
Gelati d’Oro Hazelnut

It wasn’t soft and creamy ice cream, but it was delicious.

Mex Cantina Bona Fide
Burrito vegetarian

I ordered without cheese and sour cream. Inside tortilla, there were bell pepper, been, chili sauce, rice, and corn. It was a little spicy for me. Fortunately, there were a lot of lettuce and cabbage. Chili salsa sauce was delicious, too.

Mex Cantina Bona Fide
Tortilla chips con guacamole

It tasted like ordinary nachos and guacamole. It was delicious, but there were lots of small pieces.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Earl grey dark chocolate.

I really liked the scent of earl grey. It would have been boring if there were only earl grey. It was really good because there was dark chocolate.

Restaurant Marco Polo
Tofu steak

There were sesame tofu steak and fried rice noodles on top. Spinach and rice noodle with miso paste sauce were under it. It was just plain taste.

Restaurant Marco Polo

It was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I was glad to have bread, or I would have been really hungry.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Caramel almond cacao nibs

This ice cream is really good. The crunchy texture of almonds and cacao nibs was good, especially the caramel ice cream itself was really fantastic.

Restaurant Lanii

It wasn’t a warm bread, but it was good.

Restaurant Lanii
Spring roll

The spring roll was really crispy. It would have been better without soy sauce. Because it was salty and damp.
There was arugula under the spring roll, and there was sweet chili sauce.
There were carrots, glass noodles, and scallions in the spring roll. I’m not sure if there was a cabbage. Actually, the spring roll was very small, and the amount of vegetables was small.

Restaurant Lanii
Pad Thai

The pad thai was decorated with blanched almonds and sprouts. Inside the pad thai, there were zucchini, carrot, and onion. But the pad thai cooked with sweet chili sauce. It was super sweet and sticky that it didn’t taste good.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Coffee oatmeal cookie

There was oatmeal cookie in the coffee ice cream. It was fine.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik

I like hazelnut ice cream, but it wasn’t that good. I liked caramel ice cream the best.

What I ate in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vegan)

Mala Kuhinja

There’s no menu here. I told waiter I’m vegan. I asked for vegetables and potatoes.
There were zucchini, button mushroom, bell pepper (green, yellow, red), and scallion. It was stir-fried with chili oil and barbecue sauce. It was sweet and the vegetables were really soft, especially the mushrooms were fantastic. And it was decorated with edible flower leaves.
Potatoes were added with turmeric and sesame seeds. Potatoes were very soft, too.


I think I’m addicted to lemonade. I really like lemon. I added sugar to make it sweet.

Vegetable pot

There were button mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato sauce, and polenta. It’s baked in an oven. There were burnt vegetables, but it didn’t matter. And I love polenta. I can eat it every day.

dm (BBI Center)
Aplro soya vanilla, Misura biscuits with cocoa and puffed rice

My favorite misura snack was sold there. And I bought vanilla soy milk because I didn’t want to get thirsty after eating snacks. They were sweet.


It was juice with sweet potato, beet, carrot. Sweet potato juice was interesting because it was my first time.


Nut, seeds and veggie raw patty in oat and buckwheat bun with coleslaw
The burger had bell pepper, mayonnaise, raw patty, red onion, lettuce, and mustard sauce. The patty seemed to contain dried tomato and beet. I was curious about the raw patty, but it was better than I thought. And coleslaw with pickle were also delicious. On the left, the hot paste was really spicy.

Peanut butter cake

It’s a cake made of peanut butter, maple syrup, cocoa, oat flakes, and coconut oil. Peanut chocolate cream and crust were good. The chocolate syrup on the cake was delicious, too. But if you don’t like damp peanuts, I won’t recommend it.

Falafel Restaurant
falafel meal

The lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad with lemon juice and oil were delicious.
Falafel was hot and crispy because it was freshly fried, but it was very salty. Instead, salad, potato, and bread were not salty. Bread was not pita bread. It wasn’t a hollow bread and it was big. I was really full.

Marshall’s Gelato

There are so many vegan gelato on the menu. But there were only strawberry and raspberry. The taste was not bad.

Pijaca Markale

I bought a delicious looking cherry at the market. It wasn’t delicious but I ate it well.

Verdure pizza, Mista piccola salad

There were vapiano tomato sauce, grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper), fresh mushrooms. I ordered without mozzarella cheese. Honestly, it wasn’t a good pizza.
The salad had mixed leaf salad, cherry tomato, carrot, red cabbage and balsamic dressing. The cook also gave me a soft white bread.

Almond ball, Walnut chocolate cookie, Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice was delicious but small. Both almond ball, walnut chocolate cookie were good. The almond ball was soft and moist. I loved it.

Healthy Lab (Alta Shopping Center)
Heart beet

It was apple, carrot, beet, orange, lemon juice. It was pre-made juice. But it was good.

Mint lemonade

It was refreshing. I drank without sugar.

Thai vegetable

I came here because I wanted to eat a polenta again. But the server said that today’s polenta had milk in it. So I had to order other food.
This food had rice, tofu, bell pepper, carrot, zucchini, red cabbage and sweet soy sauce. It was very greasy and sweet.

What I ate in Belgrade, Serbia (Vegan)


It was lemon water.

Mambo deluxe

Tempeh, seitan, grilled tofu, grilled vegetables, rice, chutney
There were zucchini, red bell pepper, carrot, cauliflower, and aubergine in the grilled vegetables. Grilled vegetables were surrounded by spices. I felt like I was eating a dry curry.
The seitan sausages were not moist but delicious.
Grilled tofu can’t be bad, but it was salty.
Tempeh was not salty and delicious compared to other foods. It smells like a mild soybean paste and it was very nutty. I loved it.

Vegan brownie

There was sour chocolate sauce on the warm brownies. Brownie was dry and tasteless. And there was too many chocolate sauce. It was made from cacao powder. It wasn’t good.

Good morning

Mango, carrot, orange, lemon
There was a lot of lemon juice in it. It was really refreshing.

Carrot lox tartine

Herbs smoked carrot lox, vegan chive cheese, capers, herbs
The bread is really crispy. Cashew base cheese was slightly salty and nutty. Carrots were soft enough to disappear when I put them in my mouth. And there were a lot of aromatic herbs on it.

Ćao Šećeru!
Namazanko (peanut butter cake), Ćoko mafin

They just pulled the cake out of the freezer. So it was still frozen. So it was like eating coconut peanut butter ice cream. This cake doesn’t have a decoration. Usually, they are decorated with edible flowers. The crust was two layers — the roasted hazelnut crust on top and the cashew crust on the bottom. Especially, hazelnut crust was really crunchy. This cake made with stevia instead of sugar.
The chocolate muffin had homemade nutella (date paste) and roasted hazelnut. The muffin was really good.
All the desserts are sugar-free.

Zdrawo Slatko poslasticarnica
Vivid dream, Rajski zalogaj (Heavenly bite)

The vivid dream was raw bite made of dry cherry and cashew. It was melted in my mouth.
Rajski zalogaj was peanut butter cup. The pomegranate was inside, so it was better.

Zdrawo Slatko poslasticarnica

It was juice with apple, orange, blueberry, lemon and ginger.

Veganski Kiosk Bio-Vita
Bio sandwich with soy steak

Between the bread, there were soy steak, carrot, cabbage salad, ketchup, and spices. There were three thick soy steaks.
It was really cheap. If I live here, I would go there every day.

Aunt liza, Sun

Aunt liza is made of almond, rice flour, raspberries, agave syrup, lemon juice. It was like oatmeal porridge. Instead of oatmeal, it tasted like almond powder. It was a delicious dessert.
Sun is made of whole wheat flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, beer, baking powder, millet, himalayan salt, sunflower, sesame, olive oil, flax, quinoa, black cumin. It looks like sweet cookies, but it was a savoury scone. It was cute and delicious.

Corn bread, Posni

Corn bread is made of corn integral white flour, cashew, spinach, himalayan salt, baking powder. I like sweet corn bread. But this kind of savoury corn bread was good, too. It looked dry on the outside, but it was very moist inside.
Posni is made of integral unleavened bread, smoked tofu, mustard, agave syrup, pickles, dried tomatoes, iceberg salad, peanut butter. I could taste every taste of each ingredient. The combination of peanut butter and dry tomatoes was not bad. And there were a lot of pickles.

Go Sushi
Mango bango, Veggiri, Carrot nigiri

I ordered mango bango, because it’s possible to make this to vegan. Mango bango had mango and mango syrup on top, and inside the roll were paprika, cucumber, carrot and chives.
Veggiri was a nigiri with tofu, avokado, aceto balsamico.
Carrot nigiri had carrot, cucumber, aceto balsamico.
But the rice is too mushy. Rice is the most important thing. So it didn’t taste good.

Maxi (Kralja Milana 31/A)
Bar nar pomegranate, Alpro soya banana, Alpro soya red fruits, Joya soja waldbeere

I bought pomegranates because it looked fresh.
Alpro didn’t disappoint me. It feels good to see alpro in a supermarket.
Joya yogurt was really good. Vegan yogurt is either really good or bad. but this yogurt tasted great.


This lemonade was lemon juice water, but waiter gave me sugar. The sugar was coconut sugar. So the lemonade color became strange.

Chickpea fries

The fries made of finely ground chickpea. It was delicious! And the citrus aioli was also really delicious.

BBQ oyster mushroom cutlets

It was more like an oyster mushroom steak than a cutlet. The mushrooms were really chewy. And there were baby spinach, baked potato, bbq sauce, basil, and dried tomatoes.

What I ate in Zagreb, Croatia (Vegan)

Zrno bio bistro
Breaded tofu

There were tofu, sourdough crumbs, wok vegetables, pickle salad, ginger-tamarin sauce. The tofu was covered with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, too. It was crispy and delicious, but salty. I couldn’t even dip the sauce.
In the middle, there was a stir-fried zucchini and carrot. It was bitter, salty, and oily.
On the left was a pickle on a green salad. This salad was the only one that wasn’t salty.

Zrno bio bistro
Bio kiss

From the bottom, There were chocolate, turmeric, and vanilla pudding. Chocolate pudding tasted bitter. Turmeric pudding tasted like turmeric. But vanilla pudding was really good. Vanilla pudding was topped with sliced almonds and crushed hazelnuts. I just wanted to eat only vanilla pudding.

bio&bio (Ilica 5)
Eco biscuits Nut, Indy & pippa Happynut

I think I really like hazelnut.
I took cookie as a snack to eat at plitvice lakes. It was so good.
The ice cream was really good, too. I liked the hazelnut scent so much.

bio&bio (Ilica 70)
Sojade So soya Cherry, Lemon

I like lemon better than cherry. I love this brand. It has a variety of flavors.

Evergreen Sushi Bar
Shiitake maki, Tiger veggie roll

The shiitake maki on the left contained fried shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake tempura was really crispy. The texture of the soft rice and crispy tempura was fantastic.
The tiger veggie roll had avocados on it, and inside were carrot and zucchini tempura. This roll was really good.
It was small and expensive, but it was worth it.

Evergreen Sushi Bar
Green tea

It was green tea with green tea powder. I don’t usually drink tea or coffee. But I really liked the green tea I drank that day.

Vis a vis by Vincek
Green tea with mint lemon, Lemon

I needed something sour because I picked two cakes. I chose lemon and green tea with lemon mint. It was an excellent choice.

Vis a vis by Vincek
Torta od čokolade i maline, Sadašnji trenutak

The chocolate cake was stacked in order of chocolate sheets, raspberry jam, and chocolate ganache cream. It felt more delicious because of the raspberry jam.
Sadašnji trenutak was raw cake. Strawberry, raspberry cream was really soft and delicious. The cream is also contain banana, coconut butter and avocado. So it must have been delicious.

Good Food (Palmotićeva ul. 1)
Arabian dream

Falafel (chickpeas, parsley, coriander, flour, curcumin, garlic, chili, onion, sesame), crisp head lettuce, rucola, bulgur, cucumber, cherry tomato, mint dressing (soy yogurt, mint, garlic, lemon)
The lettuce and rucola were mixed with mint dressing. The dressing was too sour and tasteless. And it’s too bitter because it contained too much rucola. There were tomato, cucumber, falafel, and bulgur on top. The falafel was fried surrounded by sesame seeds. This falafel was okay. I wouldn’t be able to eat a salad without this falafel.

Simple Green by Jelena

bulgur with healthy balls made with chickpeas and hemp, mediterranean tomato sauce and salad
Bulgur’s texture, tomato sauce, and veggie balls were all perfect. I wasn’t even hungry, but I really enjoyed it. The good thing is, there was glass noodle in the veggie ball. In Korea, there is a famous dish called japchae. I thought about Korea.

Simple Green by Jelena

It was lettuce and sprout salad.

Green Point
French fries, Seitan burger

I chose a seitan burger menu. The cook asked me what kind of sauce and vegetables I want. I chose a salsa mayonnaise mix sauce, and I asked for all the vegetables. Inside the sesame bun were seitan patty, salsa mayonnaise sauce, tomato, shredded carrot, scallion, pickle, sweet corn, and lettuce. Carrot and corn made the burger sweet. The seitan patty was chewy. It was delicious and I was really full.
French fries were crispy and moist. Salsa sauce and mayonnaise were served and the sauce itself was really delicious. It was interesting because mayonnaise was yellow and has a pudding-like texture.

Green Point
Gelati doro Green tea

It was a delicious green ice cream!

Restoran Vegehop
Freshly squeezed juice

It was juice with orange, carrot, and beetroot. I wanted to drink it every day instead of water.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Creamy cauliflower soup

It wasn’t cream soup. It was cauliflower soup made with vegetable broth. The soup tasted good.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Mixed salad with sprouts

There were sprouts, red cabbage, carrot, lettuce and balsamic dressing.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Breaded seitan steak, Adzuki bean stew, Steamed vegetables, Young asparagus pesto

There were carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage in the steamed vegetables. There was a lot of olive oil.
Adzuki bean stew had a lot of spice and the color was really dark because of adzuki bean. It taste like vegetable curry I ate at the Seychelles.
The breaded seitan was really delicious. It was chewy and really soft. It was fried food so it was like eating meat.
Asparagus pesto was fine. I ate it with seitan.

Barcode Mitra
Charcoal water

It was nice to be able to drink water for free. And there was charcoal in the water. There is also room temperature water for people who don’t drink cold water.

Barcode Mitra
Green burger

Between the sweet burger bun, there were beet garlic sauce, tomato, oatmeal patty and lettuce. Inside the patty, there were spinach and onions, too. Patty was like bread dough. It was sticky and stretched like cheese. Or maybe it was just an undercooked patty. I really liked the burger bun and beet sauce.

Barcode Mitra
Orange carrot brownie

It was a healthy dessert made with dates instead of sugar. The orange smell was really good. Next to brownie were cinnamon powder, cacao powder, and homemade healthy butter.

What I ate in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Vegan)

Passion cheesecake

The passion fruit jelly on top was really delicious! There was a lot of tofu in the middle. It was so moist that it was crushed easily. The crust was a cookie crust. It was delicious.

Strawberry basil lemonade

It just tasted like water with fruit juice.

Gaudi ayurvedic & vegan bistro
Vegan pad thai & salad

Lettuce and cherry tomatoes are served as salad. There was no dressing. Instead, there was salt, pepper, olive oil, and red pepper flakes on the table.

Gaudi ayurvedic & vegan bistro
Vegan pad thai & salad

There were peanut, sesame seeds, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, fried tofu, spinach, bell pepper, zucchini, mushroom, cherry tomato, and a mung bean sprout. I put a lot of lime juice on it, so I ate it sour. It was good because it has a variety of vegetables. I enjoyed it.

OrCa d.o.o.
Pulsin Mint choc chip

They were selling cosmetic, vegan cheese, and vegan energy bars. If I had a lot of money, I wanted to buy a lot of products.
This energy bar wasn’t bad. I liked the mint scent and the chocolate chip inside.

TINK superfood café
Avokado toast

There were sourdough bread maid with spelt flour, mashed avocado with lemon juice, crush almond. On the side were rocket, balsamic glaze, and sesame seeds. The bread was crispy and really delicious.

TINK superfood café
banana matcha bread

It was very wet and sticky. I think it’s raw bread. There was peanut and cinnamon in it. It tasted good.

Loving Hut
Salad bar

There’s a salad bar that I like. I put enough food on the plate and weighed it down. I put a lot in it, but it wasn’t that expensive.
Stuffed paprika with buckwheat at the bottom left was really good. I liked the soft paprika texture. It was delicious because it even had vegan cheese in it.
On the right side of paprika is curry lentils. This curry was really delicious. It had a lot of corn.
And the yellow one in the middle is the bread dumplings. It was made with bread, pumpkin and rice milk. It was really good.

Loving Hut
Raspberry raw cake

There were cacao cake crust, cashew and raspberry jam. It wasn’t bad, but it was too wet.

Cacao Ljubljana
Acai bowl

It was thin enough to drink with a straw. On top of the smoothie were coconut flakes, chia seeds, and flax seeds. It was very sweet whether it was sugar or banana. Strawberry and granola have been served on different plates. Grenola had blanch almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and oats. I was really full after eating this. It was sweet and I liked it.

Cacao Ljubljana
Raw lime cake

It was a cake made of cashews, with whole lime in it. The cashews were finely ground and the texture was smooth. Crust had coconut flacks, macadamia nuts, dates, and salt.

Organic Garden
Lemon cake, Purple chips, Red burger

There was a sweet preserved lemon on top of the moist lemon cake. It was really sour and sweet. It was delicious.
Purple potato chips were too many small pieces and greasy.
Burger had yellow durum buns with sesame, 100g red kidney beans patty, chili sauce, homemade bbq & mustard sauce, grilled mushrooms, red cabbage, young spinach. The burger bun was really crispy, but it was too crispy that it split in half. Patty was so moist that it was crushed easily. It was uncomfortable to eat, but it tasted good.

Čokoladni cheesecake z jagodičjem

It was a chocolate cheesecake with strawberry jam and pomegranate on it. I liked chocolate. Crust and strawberry jam were delicious, too.

Kamutov tofu-pesto sendvič

It was really crispy. Tomato sauce, spinach, and tofu went well together.

Presnica Take-Away
Croissant with apricot Jam

Apricot Jam and almond are on the croissant. It wasn’t a pastry croissant, but it was a delicious bread.

Presnica Take-Away
Mint kiss

It was a smoothie with banana, spinach, mint, vanilla. It was not a smoothie made of frozen bananas, so it was not thick. There were so many mints in it. I like mint and it was good.

Taman Organic
BeLife Fruit kombucha

It was a drink with live kombucha culture in green and fruit tea. The taste wasn’t strong. It was perfect for me.

Taman Organic
Quinoa, smoked tofu, shiitake, sautéed veg

The top were decorated with dill and cherry tomato. There were quinoa, smoked tofu, shiitake mushroom, zucchini, red rice, leek, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. It was like fried rice, but there was quinoa instead of rice. I liked the smell of smoked.

Spar (Poljanski nasip 8)
blueberry, Spar veggie rice milk

I bought blueberry and rice milk for a snack. I liked popping blueberries and sweet rice milk.