What I ate in Lisbon, Portugal (Vegan)

O Botanista 
Black lemonade

The color was really beautiful because of the activated charcoal. It tasted like an ordinary lemonade without sugar.

O Botanista 
Fancy tagliatelle

The pasta was homemade fresh tagliatelle. It wasn’t a chewy pasta. And there were rusty biscuit and truffle olive oil on the menu, but I don’t think they have it. There was olive oil, but I couldn’t smell any truffle. But it was a delicious cream pasta with mushrooms and garlic.

O Botanista 
Red velvet

The red velvet sheet cake was salty and broke easily. Whipping cream was kind of oily.

O Botanista 
Raspberry pecan cheesecake

Toasted pecan was the best. I think there was coconut vegan cheese in cheesecake. It had a unique scent. Personally, I think it’s good to put coconut cheese in a burger, pizza, etcetera.
There was a salty red velvet sheet cake underneath.
The cakes in the showcase looked delicious. But I didn’t like both cakes.

The Green Affair
Boneless “lagareiro”

The smell of nori sheet on the marinated tofu was really good. Cabbage sprouts, garlic, potatoes under the tofu were also delicious. It was even better because the garlic was well sautéed. But there was too much oil.

The Green Affair
Green affair

It was a mocktail with apple juice, lemon juice, pennyroyal and tonic water. It was great.

Eight – The Health Lounge
Fruit leather

It was tough but crispy. It’s easy to tear it apart. But my hands were sticky. I like dried fruits, and I really liked this one too.

Eight – The Health Lounge
Black diamond

The smoothie contained coconut milk, banana, blueberries, and activated charcoal. It was a sweet smoothie. The color is really pretty.

Eight – The Health Lounge
Carrot tangerine cake

This cake was really moist. I think it’s wet than moist. But it tasted great.

Eight – The Health Lounge
Good tempehr

There were tomato, lettuce, tempeh, sour cream, pickled red onion, and cucumber in the burger. Bun was really sweet like a cake. It was a really sweet burger.

Veganapati – Vegan Restaurant
House ice tea

I think it’s black tea. I love cool drinks.

Veganapati – Vegan Restaurant

There were tomato chutney, coconut chutney, lentil based vegetable stew, mint chutney, and olive oil sauce. Dosa was a bit salty and crispy on the outside. It was like eating potato chips. Inside Dosa, there were mashed potatoes, carrots, and salantro.

Veganapati – Vegan Restaurant
White chocolate and baobab tart

Chocolate cream and dark chocolate cookie crumble were fine. But white chocolate part and crust were not good. The white chocolate part tasted sour, and the crust only contained nuts.

My Mother’s Daughters
Black magic

First of all, I’m sorry for the dazzling picture. The lighting itself is beautiful, but the light is strange.
There were activated charcoal, coconut water, ginger, and lemon in the drink. I was surprised because it was so small. But it tasted good.

My Mother’s Daughters

Luckily, I was able to take a picture at the next table because no one was there.
The server told me that the omelet was broken and the cook was cooking again. But I got a broken omelette. The cook must have failed the second time.
There were sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes in the chickpea flour omelette. Under the green salad and the omelette was herbs dressing.
And there was long, thin hair (exact opposite of my hair) in my omelette, but the omelet itself was delicious. Strangely, the chefs were tying their hair and even wearing hair bands. I don’t know how hair got into the food.

Organi Chiado

It was lemonade with still water. Lemonade with sparkling water was more expensive.
By the way, I ordered food and dessert together. But if I’m not going to have dessert now, he want me to order it again later. Of course, servers will be comfortable if they operate that way.

Organi Chiado
Barley and tai-mushroom risotto

Inside the risotto, there were arborio rice, barley, mushrooms (paris, shiitake, portobello) and pumpkins, and there was a lot of parsley on it. The shiitake tasted like dirt and I cannot chew well. I wish the cook could trim the mushrooms well.
Other than risotto, there were cherry tomato, watermelons, salads, and roasted vegetables (carrots, onion, tomatoes, sweet potatoes). Roasted vegetables were really good.

Organi Chiado
Pecan pie

Vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut flakes was really delicious. The pecan pie was good, but the pecan and crust were damp and the filling was too sweet.

I failed to find a good vegan restaurant in Lisbon. There is a lot of negative reviews in this post. I’m sorry.

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