What I ate in Barcelona, Spain (Vegan)

Santoni Cafetería Vegana
Romantics detox flower power

It was apple, spinach, celery, ginger, and lime juice. It was really sweet because there was a lot of apple juice.

Santoni Cafetería Vegana

There were vegan meat, cheese, and basil pesto. It was really good.

Santoni Cafetería Vegana
Chocolate pastry, Croissant

A little damp chocolate pastry was full of chocolate cream. It was really sweet.
Croissant was soggy, chewy, and greasy. But it was crispy on the outside. It was fine.

Vegan Bowls
Pistachio donut

The donut itself was delicious. On top of the donut were citrus cream, pistachio, and crushed edible flowers. It’s been a long time since I found a beautiful and delicious donut.

Vegan Bowls
Caramel cinnamon roll

Personally, I don’t like cinnamon, but I don’t know why I keep buying cinnamon rolls. But this cinnamon roll was good because of caramel.

Veggie Garden
Seitan burger

There were tomato, red onions, lettuce, rucola, and seitan patty in the burger. And I picked the peanut sauce.
I don’t know what’s in the peanut sauce other than peanut butter, but I didn’t like the smell.
Seitan was just like eating bread dough. It was the worst.
I didn’t go to the restaurant to eat the burger, but the server recommended it twice, so I ordered it. It was really bad.

Veggie Garden
Papaya + mango + orange

It was papaya, mango, and orange juice. It was really tasty.

Veggie Garden
Cake of the day

The cake of the day was a banana cake. It crumble so easily. It would be fine if it tasted good, but I really didn’t like it. There were a lot of cinnamon and salt in it.

Vegan Bowls
Berry donut

On top of the cream were raspberries, blueberries, dried edible flowers, and granola. This donut was really delicious. I want to eat it every day.

veggie raw organic
Green tea ice cream

You can’t see it in the picture, but it was a little green color. The staff said it is green tea ice cream, but I don’t think so. It must be cinnamon ice cream. I had a sore throat because there was a lot of cinnamon in it.

veggie raw organic

I’m not sure if it’s cardamom, but the scent was very strong. The cream wasn’t moist. The bottom sheet cake was very bitter.

La Trocadero
Linda Limonada + Jengibre

It was lemonade with ginger. The ginger didn’t taste strong, and it had lots of lemon juice in it. It was delicious.

La Trocadero
Pinchos BBQ

The vegan meat had a lot of barbecue sauce on it, so it was a bit salty. The potatoes were really crispy and moist. Potato seasoning and barbecue sauce were good, too.

La Trocadero
Nachos con guacamole

There were nachos, guacamole, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, and jalapeno. It doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t taste good.

La Trocadero
Vonnut mini Chocolate, Red velvet

It was a donut shape dry cake. It was salty, but it was okay.

Cold infusion of hibiscus

It was a light but cool hibiscus tea.

Waffle caprese

On top of the waffle were cashew cream cheese, tomato slices, basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and salad. Cashew cream cheese was sour and thin. Basil pesto had a lot of nuts in it. Waffle was chewy but crispy on the outside.
The sweet potato on the side was really soft because it was cooked well. Most of the sweet potatoes were fine, but the salt lumps and burnt parts were not good. There was a spicy sauce and black sesame seeds on top of the sweet potato.

Forn Santa Clara
Ham & cheese croissant

I wanted to eat a normal croissant, but they don’t have it. It wasn’t crispy because of the ham and cheese. It was delicious anyway.

Forn Santa Clara
Glazed Donut

It was sweet and fluffy donut.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar
Fruity organic sparkling Orange & lemon

It was a drink with sparkling water, orange juice from concentrate, agave syrup, apple juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, and natural flavorings. It was moderately sweet and good.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar
4D Corn

There was almond mushroom cream on the polenta cubes. The polenta had mushroom and turmeric. Polenta was great, but almond mushroom cream was a real delicacy.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar
Tradicional con chiviar

There were sugar peas, artichoke, carrots, green peas, scallion, cauliflower and olive oil in vegan seafood paella. On top of the paella were chewy vegan shrimp, lemons, and soy sauce with chia seeds. I enjoyed it.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar
Cheese raw

It was a fermented cheesecake. (I don’t think they intended to ferment.?) The almond cream was soft and the dehydrated apricot and Brazil nuts crust were also nice.

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

I ordered it because I was thirsty. There was a lot of ice, but it was worth it.

Ecocentre Supermercat Vegà
Moncussi Linón natural

The ice cream seems to have melted and then frozen again. Even before I opened the package, my hands were sticky. And the texture of the upper and lower parts was very different.
This vegan store was really big. There were many snacks, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, milk, and frozen foods.

Vegan Bowls

I had to buy this pretzel because donut was sold out. It was a soft pretzel with caramel and chocolate crumbles.

Santoni Cafetería Vegana

The left croissant had chocolate cream like Nutella, but the croissant was too hard. The right croissant had dark chocolate in it. In fact, croissants here are not that good. But it was really nice to be able to eat.

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