What I ate in Kyiv, Ukraine (Vegan)

Lemon chocolate cake

Chocolate cream and lemon cream with coconut were moist. The crust with dates and nuts were smooth. It was fine. But it was a frozen cake, the lemon cream part was less melted. And the cake smelled like a refrigerator.

Vegan super protein

There were falafel, hummus, salty tofu, salty seitan sausage, cabbage, salty green olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, salty cucumber pickles. A spicy chili tomato sauce was also served. It was hard to eat because there were many salty foods. I won’t eat it twice even if it’s not salty.

Super power smoothie

It’s a smoothie with pineapple, avocado, banana, apple, spirulina, and chlorella. There were a lot of bananas, so it was really sweet and thick. Thanks to spirulina and chlorella, the color was pretty.

Vanilla pudding

There were layers of chocolate sheet cake crumble and vanilla pudding. There were pitied cherries on top. The yogurt texture vanilla pudding was delicious.

BumbleBee Donuts
Dount with dark chocolate and banana

Chewy banana donut were full of bananas and dark chocolate. Luckily, they gave me disposable gloves. I could eat it without getting my hands dirty. It tasted fine, but I still miss the donuts I ate in Ireland.

Grapefruit lemonade

It was lemonade with lots of grapefruit. I couldn’t drink it with a straw. I used straw to eat grapefruit, and I drank it without a straw. It tasted good.

Big wurger

There were soya-mustard mayonnaise, pesto sauce, mash cutlet, tomato, salad, cashew cheese, micro green in the spelled bun.
The sauce and sesame seeds kept falling. Everything was good except that. The crunchy buns and patty were really delicious.


It was a sticky cake. The pastry wasn’t crispy at all. But I love Napoleon cake. I enjoyed it.

B12 Candy Bar
Oreo cake

On top of the cake were caramel popcorn and oreo, and there were a lot of peanut butter and whipped cream between the chocolate cakes. It was amazing to have so much whipped cream in the middle of the cake. And this cake was amazing.

B12 Candy Bar
Cherry and strawberry milkshake

Milkshake with coconut milk was really good. It was more like a smoothie than a milkshake. There was a big ice underneath. I wish I had more milkshake because it was good.

Silpo (Mandarin plaza)
The bridge Bio rice drink almond

I like rice milk. It’s not as heavy as soy milk and not as light as almond milk.

Jelly cake

There was jelly on top of the spinach and mint sheet. The sweet jelly was made of agar agar and contained strawberries, blueberries, and mango. The jelly was really incredible.

Vegan power smoothie

Inside the smoothie, there were mangoes, blueberries, various vitamins, and plant milk. I don’t know what vitamins were in, but I didn’t like the smell. Of course it’s good for my body. It would have been great without vitamins.

Yogurt mango cake

On top of the sugar free rice biscuit were mango jelly and Soy yogurt. Rice biscuit was just like a cookie crust. I loved it.

One Planet

It was lemonade with lemon, orange, grapefruit, and mint. This lemonade is not sweet, and it has carbonated water.

One Planet
Pink cheeseburger

Inside the beet bun, there were tomato, roasted soy steaks, pickled ginger, cheese, lettuce, tartar sauce, and mustard sauce. The color of the red bun was very dark and pretty. And the bun was sweet, so it was really good.
The sauce was delicious, and bread and soy steaks were delicious, so I ate it right away. Actually, the burger was small.

One Planet
Vegan shawarma

Inside tortilla, there were chopped soy steaks, tomatoes, cabbage, and tartar sauce. It was full of tartar sauce and everything was great.

Mint cake

There were layers of mint sheet crumble and vanilla pudding. Mint sheet cake was really dry, so I didn’t like it. But vanilla pudding was good.

Ginger lemonade

It was sweet lemonade with lots of ginger.

Kimchi ramen

It was a delicious ramen with kimchi, soy meat, veggy broth, wheat noodles, mung bean sprout, and nori sheets. They used a lot of sour kimchi. Anyone who’s never tasted sour kimchi will be surprised. But if you add sour kimchi, the soup tastes better.

Vegano Hooligano

It wasn’t just a regular matcha, it was a creamy matcha. I couldn’t stop drinking.

Vegano Hooligano

It was a creamy rice dish with soy meat, vegetable stew, mushrooms, nori, special sauce, sesame seeds, and sprouts. Thanks to the nori, the scent was really good. It was my style.

Kuzen Falafelʹ
Classic falafel

There were cabbage, cold falafel, tomato, zucchini, cucumber, hummus, tahini sauce, mushroom and sesame seeds inside the pita bread. It was the worst falafel I’ve ever had. And pita bread was very tough.

Kuzen Falafelʹ
Pomegranate apple juice

It was artificial. But it was nice to have a lot of juice.

Kuzen Falafelʹ
Margarita pizza

There were tomatoes, tofu, red & yellow bell peppers, green & black olives, corn, and herbs on top of the pastry pizza dough. I love pastry crust. The pizza was really good, too. It was sweet pizza. There were a lot of tofu in it, so I was very happy.

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