What I ate in Chisinau, Moldova (Vegan)

BIOrganic RAW cafe

The burger had mustard sauce, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, patty, and cashew sauce. I bought pre-made meal. So everything was dry. The bread was dry, and patty was kept falling apart.

BIOrganic RAW cafe
Orange beet juice

I don’t know exactly what’s in it. I couldn’t even ask because the server couldn’t speak english and she was really scary.

BIOrganic RAW cafe
Strawberry cashew cake

On top of the soft cashew cream, the strawberries were beautifully decorated. The crust was full of nuts and dried figs. Especially because of the figs, the texture was fantastic.

BIOrganic RAW cafe
Chocolate cookie, Tarali cu cărbune activ

Chocolate cookie had a very soft texture. It was a sweet cookie with a bitter taste.
Tarali cu cărbune activ was like a dry cracker.

Himalayan Kitchen & Bar
Mango juice

It was a juice with only mango in it. It was thick and very sweet.

Himalayan Kitchen & Bar
Vegetable samosa

Inside the crispy homemade pastry dough, there was plenty of potatoes, green peas, and spices. Samosa was really delicious. And the sauce with lemon, coriander and spices was amazing.

Himalayan Kitchen & Bar

It was stir fried noodles with vegetables and spices. There were green peas, red onions, carrots, mushrooms, and cauliflower, with coriander. If you like spices and greasy food, it will be delicious.

Opa Greek Café

It was sweet and good, but it was bland. But it had orange and mint in it, so it smelled good.

Opa Greek Café

The salad had cabbage, carrots, parsley, red pepper, olive oil, and salt. I really liked the smell of olive oil. And it was better when I sprinkled the lemon juice.

Opa Greek Café

Inside the pita bread were french fries, hummus, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. The fries were moist, and the zucchini, mushrooms, and eggplant were cooked on the grill without oil. I really liked this.

Pizza Sushi Wok (PSW)
Grapefruit juice

The grapefruit tasted great.

Pizza Sushi Wok (PSW)

Above the cornmeal pizza crust were broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, sweet pepper, rucola and red onion. The crust was a bit salty, but it was very crispy. And the eggplant made it taste better.

Kiwi & spinach lemonade

It was sweet lemonade with kiwi and spinach. The taste was good, but the better part was the quantity.

Vegan buddha bowl

There were radish, edamame, cherry tomatoes, avocado, celeriac, cucumbers, salad greens, and sweet vinegar dressing. The appeal of buddha bowl is that I can eat a variety of foods. It was really fresh.

Black Rabbit
Pear, banana, strawberry smoothie

The smoothie had pear, banana, strawberry, and ice. Garnish was a dried apple. It was so cool because of the ice. I prefer a cold smoothie then lukewarm smoothie. And it was so sweet, thanks to the banana. It was really amazing.
And this is not vegan restaurant. But what’s really great is that there’s a separate vegan menu. There are a variety of menus including starter, salad, soup, main menu, side dish, dessert, and breakfast. It was Incredible.

Black Rabbit
Eggplant caviar

There were baguette crisps, salad greens, diced peeled tomatoes, and skinless chopped eggplant cooked with garlic. It was a wonderful starter. And I loved the soft texture of eggplant and tomato, the hard texture of baguette crisps.

Black Rabbit
Buckwheat noodles with mushroom mix and silk tofu

It was a delicious noodle dish with silk tofu, yellow paprika, zucchini, button mushroom, snow fungus, oyster mushroom, and soy sauce. There were three kinds of mushrooms, so it’s impossible to be bad. It was fantastic.

Black Rabbit
Apple strudel

There were apple and cinnamon between the crispy pastry. It was decorated with chocolate cookie crumbles, berry sorbet, and sugar powder. It was so pretty and delicious.

Black Rabbit
Strawberry cake

There was an event at black rabbit. If I takeout a dessert, the black rabbit driver drove me any address I want. It was an excellent choice. The strawberry cake was really delicious. The crust was like soft sweet cookie, and I really liked it.

Propaganda Cafe
Passion fruit lemonade

I love passion fruit, so it was really good.

Propaganda Cafe
Suba salad

There were potatoes, beets, carrots, cucumber pickles, baby greens, and dill. It’s a salad recommended by the server, but there were a lot of non-vegan ingredients. I asked server not to put herring, egg, and mayonnaise.
The potatoes were mashed potatoes, and the carrots and beets were very small and thinly shredded. Under the beet, baby greens and cucumber pickles were hiding. It didn’t taste special, but the smell of the dill was good. And potatoes, beets, and carrots were soft, so I didn’t have to chew.

Propaganda Cafe

It was an oily spaghetti pasta with eggplant, tomato sauce, garlic, and parsley. The eggplant was greasy because it absorbed so much oil, but the pasta tasted good.

Vatra Neamului
Fresh carrot juice

Can carrot juice be sweet and creamy like this? It was an ridiculous carrot.

Vatra Neamului
Mushrooms stew with polenta

There was a separate menu for Vegeterian. I don’t know if this food contains milk and egg, but I asked server not to put it in.
The mushrooms were cooked with caramelized onions and garlic. The mushrooms were very oily and salty, but the onion and garlic smelled great. The savory polenta was really good, too.

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