What I ate in Sofia, Bulgaria (Vegan)

Restaurant Kring
Salad bar

There were zucchini in oven, sea bites (black nori), samosa, sautéed potatoes with cumin, wine kebab with seitan, lemon rice, sprouts alfalfa, tomato, gomashio, hummus, cucumber and radish, tahini sauce and shredded beets.
Among them, I liked zucchini in oven and the crispy samosa the most.

Restaurant Kring
Fizzy strawberry ade

It was a carbonated water with strawberry syrup. It was moderately sweet.

Restaurant Kring
Strawberry chocolate cake

It was a chocolate cake like brownie. It tasted great.

Restaurant Soul Kitchen
Free water

I really liked the water bottle.

Restaurant Soul Kitchen
Green smoothie

It was a smoothie with spinach, banana, spirulina, barley grass, and dates. It was a bit fishy, but it was delicious. The texture was really smooth.

Restaurant Soul Kitchen
“Cheese the queen” cultured tree nut grilled cheese

There was a grilled cheese on top of the polenta cream and caponata. Grilled cheese was baked with harissa paste. And there were cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, olives, capers, aubergine, zucchini, and pine nuts in the caponata.
The cheese was very sour and salty. Olives and capers are salty food, so it was too salty overall.

Restaurant Soul Kitchen
Chocolate mousse with tofu & banana

The decoration was really pretty. I couldn’t taste the tofu. The banana was not strong either. The mousse cake was delicious.

Loving Hut
Naberini apple and elderberry juice, Kom still water

The juice didn’t taste as good as I thought. The water was better because of the hot weather.

Loving Hut
Pizza with vegetables

The pizza had mushrooms, broccoli, olives, and tomato sauce. Pizza dough was made from einkorn flour, and it was like bread. It was great.

Loving Hut
Fish-free Bulgarian dish

There were cannellini beans, onions, carrots, peppers, zucchini, and tomato sauce. It was good to try Bulgarian food.

Loving Hut

There was a sweet coconut cream on top of a chocolate cake soaked in coffee. It was really good.

Billa (Serdika Center)

Sometimes there were sour blueberries, but it was almost sweet.

Café Parallel 43°
Yoko organic matcha tea beverage

It was a drink with powdered matcha tea, cane sugar, and malic acid. It was like drinking sweet green tea with lemon juice because of the acid. It was fresh.

Café Parallel 43°
Strawberry kiss

Strawberry coconut part like pudding and coconut cream were fantastic. Crust was bad, but it didn’t matter.

Café Parallel 43°
Rice pancake with nut cheese and avocado

Inside the gluten-free rice pancake were avocados, lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and smoked cashew cheese sauce. Savoury pancake was good, and the smoked cashew cheese sauce was incredible.

Café Parallel 43°
Vegan avocado sandwich

There were sour green hummus, hard but soft spelt bread, avocado, rocket, cherry tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and hemp seeds.
I don’t know what it is, but I kept chewing sand in the bread. One or two times would be fine, but it was really annoying to chew it a few dozen times. And the bread itself was not good.

Billa (Mall Of Sofia)
Cherry, Saturn peach

It was really sweet. I had only bad cherries in Europe, but the cherries I bought that day were really delicious. The saturn peaches were sweet, too.

Edgy Veggy
Yea-go peach & chamomile

It was organic cold tea with chamomile & peach. This drink also tasted better because it contained acid.

Edgy Veggy
veggie patty

There were tahini lemon sauce, chickpea patties, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds, sprouts, and nutritional yeast. Tahini lemon sauce was so sour that it wasn’t my style, but I liked the veggie patty. I also enjoyed salad.

Edgy Veggy
Caramel waffle

The crispy, thin waffle was filled with sticky caramel. It was a perfect dessert.

Patisserie de Provence
Turkish delight cookies, Banitsa with spinach

On the left were cookies with Turkish delight in it. It wasn’t a crispy cookie, but it was fine.
Inside banitsa, there were spinach, bulgur, and turmeric powder. The taste was normal, but it was good because it wasn’t salty.

Vegetarian restaurant and bakery “Sun Moon”
Banitsa with tofu

It’s made of wholemeal pastry dough, tofu, olives, sun dried tomatoes, capers, fresh onion, and basil.
The presence of capers, olives, and sun dried tomatoes together means salty. It would have been nice if it was warm and crispy, but it was too damp and tasteless.

Vegetarian restaurant and bakery “Sun Moon”
Sunday soup

The soup contained spinach, curry, celery, tomatoes, ginger, coconut milk, onions, and carrots. It was a tasty soup with a slightly sour taste.

Vegetarian restaurant and bakery “Sun Moon”
Netherlands rice

It was an oven baked rice dish. There were zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, onion, carrot, dill, parsley, and lemon.
The rice was too mushy and too much oil. There were a lot of dill in there. I don’t think people who are sensitive to the scent would like it. It tasted good though.

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