What I ate in Athens, Greece (Vegan)

Bamboo Vegan
Vanilla custard pastry

It was a warm pastry. Custard wasn’t a creamy custard. But it was good.

Bamboo Vegan
Potato pie

Inside the crispy pie, there were smashed potato with spices and three slices of olive. It wasn’t salty, so I liked it.

Bamboo Vegan
Isola bio rice milk, Bertrams guava juice

This rice milk was the worst rice milk I’ve ever had. It wasn’t smooth, it was grainy.
Guava juice was nice, but it was too sweet because it contained a lot of sugar.

Mystic Vegan

It was herb hummus and oven-baked spiced herb tortilla chip. Herb hummus tasted good.

Mystic Vegan
Ginger juice

It was juice with orange, green apple, baby spinch and ginger. It was really delicious because there were a lot of orange juice. I also tried ginger garnish, the texture was pretty good. And I like the paper straw.

Mystic Vegan
Mystic avocado

Pizza had cheese, mushroom, tomato, onion, avocado, rocket, baby spinach and spring onion. There was a lemon, it was really good to eat it with lemon juice. The crispy crust was also good. There was a lot of cheese on it, so it was greasy and salty. But it was really delicious pizza.

Mystic Vegan
Avocado musse

It was a simple dessert with avocado, banana and cacao. It was decorated with cashews. I was so full that I couldn’t enjoy it. It was good though.

Healthy Bites
La via lattea almond and vanilla ice cream

It was an ice cream with vanilla, almond paste. It was creamy and flavorful ice cream.

Healthy Bites
Mushroom dinky pie, Coconut-Mango juice, Rice pudding

The pie contained mushroom, quinoa, cranberry, goji berry, sundry tomato, vegetable, and herb. It was like eating crunchy dumpling full of stuff.
The coconut mango juice tasted like mango juice with a splash of coconut oil. The floating coconut oil didn’t look good, but it was fine.
Rice pudding is not like pudding. I expected thick pudding. It was cinnamon coconut milk with cooked rice.

Vegan Beat
Burger beetroot chickpeas

The burger contained pink sauce, lettuce, cabbage, onion, tomato, beetroot chickpeas patty, vegan cheese. And there was cabbage, carrot and lettuce salad with mango dressing. The salad and the burger were delicious. But the sauce in the burger was very thin. But it was good anyway. Especially Patty was really smooth.

Vegan Beat

It was a beautiful color and delicious kombucha.

Vegan Beat
Cheesecake strawberry cookies

Strawberry jam and digestive biscuit were good. The problem is that cheese. It’s good to put coconut cheese in a burger or pizza. But it doesn’t taste good when you put it in a dessert cheesecake.

Go green!

It was juice made with lettuce, spinach, parsley, apple, lemon, ginger. It was sour and spicy because it contains a lot of lemon and ginger. It was my favorite style.

Mother earth

Spinach tart with Florina’s peppers, leek, dill and garlic, topped with walnuts & almond shavings on organic oat, amaranth & flaxseed crust
Nuts were crispy, spinach was really soft, and the flavor was fantastic. But I didn’t like the tough and hard tart crust.

Atma harı noodles

A jubilant mix of long beans, peppers, carrots, fresh onion, baby corn, celery, ginger, water chestnuts, bamboo, roasted almonds and peanuts sauce, organic black rice noodles
Rice noodle was sticky and the sauce was thick, so the food was really dry. But I liked it because it has baby corn and bamboo that I like. And I love the texture of water chestnuts.

Healthy Bites
Sojade so soya mango peach, VeganICE biscuit ice cream, Coconut cupcake

Sojade yogurt never let me down since Ireland. I like mango peach flavor next to lemon flavor.
There aren’t as many chances to eat an ice cream sandwich as I thought. So I bought it. The biscuit made of wheat flour was soft and moist. Of course, almond ice cream was really good, too.
The cupcake was decorated with coconut oil frosting and coconut flakes. It was okay.

Up-Kittariki Threpsi
Cereal Pudding

It was a pudding made of oatmeal, cocoa, hazelnut and banana. The pudding was decorated with chocolate chips, hazelnut, and walnut. The pudding was very dense and delicious.

Up-Kittariki Threpsi
Green power

Spinach, celery, parsley, kale, green apple are in this juice. There were a lot of parsley in it, but it was good.

Spinach pie

It was an incredibly crispy pastry pie, and the spinach was perfect. It was the best spinach pie I’ve ever had.

2 thoughts on “What I ate in Athens, Greece (Vegan)

  1. Becca

    Wow, you must be on a great vacation — and a very long one! Thanks for sharing all the great vegan food you’ve had (it wasn’t that long ago that vegan travelers had to bring food with them or go to grocery stores if they wanted anything to eat before they got home). May how times have changed, Hurray!


    1. Joeun Vegan Post author

      Yes. I think I’ll be traveling for another six months or so. Thank you for reading my posts. Yes, I’m so happy that there are so many vegans now. I can feel it.😆 Have a nice day.😊



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