What I ate in Tirana, Albania (Vegan)

Çoko Bistro & Bar

It was juice with orange, carrot and beet. This juice can’t be bad.

Çoko Bistro & Bar
Vegan salad

There were white cabbage, red cabbage, carrot, orange, roasted almond, orange vinaigrette, and olive oil. It was really good.

Çoko Bistro & Bar
Vegan burger

There were chickpea patty, pickle, tomato, lettuce, mustard in the burger. The bread and crispy patty were really delicious. But I didn’t like mustard sauce. Since it’s not a vegan restaurant, I can’t expect vegan mayonnaise.

Biofood pharmacy (Toptani Shopping Center)
Bio vegando lenticchie rosse, Bio organic rice drink almond

The cracker on the left is made of red lentil flour, whole millet flakes, and olive oil. The taste was good, but it was too salty. I tried to eat it, but I had to threw it away.
Rice milk is always delicious. I don’t care which company rice milk is from. They all taste the same.

Conad (Toptani Shopping Center)
Verso natura conad Frutta e cereali, mandarine, cherry

It was a yogurt with fruits and oats. It was really good!
The mandarin was so sweet. It’s annoying to peel, but it’s delicious, so it doesn’t matter.
It wasn’t a delicious cherry. I prefer yellowish cherry.

Salt Tirana
Avocado tartare

From the bottom, There were avocados, quinoas, basil marinated tomatoes, and lemon marinated mushrooms. It was really refreshing and delicious.
By the way bread and sauce behind the tartare were not vegan.

Salt Tirana
Vegetable king roll

There were mango, carrot, cucumber, asparagus, and avocado inside the roll. There were a lot of avocados on the roll, too. So it was really good. The avocado was really ripe. It was creamy.

Green Harmony

It was a smoothie with green apple, pineapple, mint, cucumber, and lime. The pineapple tasted the strongest. The pineapple was very ripe. So it was very sweet.

Conad (Toptani Shopping Center)
Verso natura conad Mirtillo, Ciabatta

Blueberry yogurt was good, too. I knew it! I think I could drink it instead of water.
Bread was hard, salty, and tasteless.

Orange juice

I think I drink more orange juice than lemonade these days. I even ate an orange garnish.


I asked for a vegan salad. There were boiled beet, blanched broccoli, blanched brussels sprouts, tomato, sweet corn, radicchio, lettuce, olive oil, and salt. It was good because it had a lot of corn and beet that I like. The texture of the blanched vegetables was perfect, too.


It was warm, but it wasn’t good. I like softer bread. It was hard to tear this bread with my hands.


At first, I almost ate only salad, but I said I wanted to eat pasta.
Pasta had tomato, carrot, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, and orecchiette. It was oily, but it was very soft and delicious.

Conad (Toptani Shopping Center)
Valsoia il gelato 4 coni

It was a light, delicious ice cream with coconut scent. I liked the crispy cone covered with chocolate. I gave the 3 ice creams to 3 students who tried to sit next to me. They laughed a lot. I hope they liked it.


I don’t know the name of the store. I bought it at a fruit shop on ‘rruga sami frashëri’ street. There were lots of rotten cherries and they weren’t fresh. But it’s definitely sweeter than a red cherry.


It was really moist. It had sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and oats on it. It was really nice to eat with olive oil.

Green apple juice

It tasted good. But the color changed and I had to drink it quickly.

Vegan burrito

There were bulgur, cherry tomato, avocado, broccoli, lettuce, and pumpkin. Everything was good except for unripe avocado and large salt particles. And I don’t know why the name is burrito.

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