What I ate in Skopje, North Macedonia (Vegan)

Restaurant Dion
Risotto funghi

It was salty, but it was a delicious risotto. The texture of the rice was perfect. Mushrooms were really delicious, too.

Veggie burger

It was a burger with chickpea and beetroot patty, sunflower mayo, cashew sour cream, tahini sauce, tomato, pickles, chard. There were too many pickles in the burger, the burnt patty tasted bitter, but it was okay.

Orange juice

Fresh orange juice is the best.

Tiramisu, Cheesecake

In Tiramisu, there were yogurt like cream and cookie soaked in coffee. It was delicious.
The cheesecake had strawberry jam, thin cashew cream, nuts and dates crust. It was okay.

Restaurant Harmony
Vegetable frittata

There were sesame seeds, flax seeds, onion, mushroom, zucchini, and rosemary. It’s delicious, but it was salty.

Restaurant Harmony

It had chewy breaded seitan, stuffed mushroom, bulgur salad, fried vegetable ball, chard & potato, lentil curry, and steamed vegetables. I asked her to put a little bit of every food there. It was all delicious except that salty stuffed mushroom.

Restaurant Harmony

It was a cake with coconut flakes, berry jelly, dried figs, chocolate, raisins, dates, dried cranberries. It was moist cake, and it had a variety of texture.

Bistraw Zdravo Zivo

Cracker and savory cashew sauce came out as a starter. I felt good because I got a starter that I didn’t expect.

Bistraw Zdravo Zivo
violet smoothie

It was a smoothie with beets, aronia, blackberry, blueberry, chia seeds. It wasn’t a thick, cold smoothie. It was good though.

Bistraw Zdravo Zivo
Stuffed mashrooms

There were various fillings on the raw portobello mushrooms. The shape was really cute. There were cashew sauce on the top left, salty olive filling on the top right, spice-nut-seed filling in the middle, basil pesto on the bottom left, sun dry tomato filling on the bottom right. It was fun to taste a variety of fillings.

Bistraw Zdravo Zivo
Cream soup

It was savory cream soup with avocado. It was thin soup. It was more delicious to eat with lemon juice.

Bistraw Zdravo Zivo
Cranberry chocolate cake

The chocolate was really good. It melted out of my mouth. The crust contained hazelnut, raisin, and cacao powder. It was delicious.

Vega Fresh Bar
Chia pudding

There were cashew milk, chia seeds, agave, raisin, raspberry, banana, and blackberry. I liked moist chia pudding. And it had lots of fruits, especially bananas.

Vega Fresh Bar

It was green apple, pineapple, spinach juice. It was really delicious juice for me, who likes green apple.

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