What I ate in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Vegan)

Lemonade with ginger & turmeric

It was lemonade that tasted ginger. The lemonade was decoated with cucumber. I had to smell the cucumber every time I drank.

Chili con tempeh (Monday menu)

On top of chili were millet, guacamole, cashew nut sour cream, sweet potato chips, nacho, coriander, red chili pepper, black sesame.
Chili had tempeh, corn, green bean, and onion. Especially there was a lot of corn. Overall, it was really delicious.

Vanilla jasmin tea

Jasmine tea with vanilla was really great!

Buddha bowl (Tuesday menu)

There were quinoa and buckwheat at the bottom. In the middle, there were bell pepper, carrot, and zucchini. At the top, there were scallion, cabbage, baked chickpeas, celery, spinach, eggplant, and broccoli. It was sprinkled with thin mustard sauce and chopped coriander.
I had to be careful when I ate baked chickpeas, because it was hard. But the vegetables were really soft and delicious.

Salad bar (Daily fresh salad choice on the buffet)

The salad bar had cooked baby carrot, chilie con tempeh, quinoa, pumpkin, millet, cooked zucchini, green pea and rice, cooked eggplant, shredded zucchini, pickled red cabbage, lettuce, tomato, pickled cabbage, cooked beet, shredded carrot, cucumber.
And there were balsamic vinegar, oils, flaxseed, sunflower seed, cashew nut, and flexseed cracker on the second shelf.
On the third shelf, there were baked tofu, vegetable ball, zucchini bread, salt, and pepper.

Salad bar

I put all the food in my bowl. Everything was fine except the zucchini bread. It was salty.

Strawberry cheesecake

It was a cashew cheesecake. Crust was made from nuts and dried fruit. I even had an orange.

Gastro shop Pomalo
Gelati d’Oro Hazelnut

It wasn’t soft and creamy ice cream, but it was delicious.

Mex Cantina Bona Fide
Burrito vegetarian

I ordered without cheese and sour cream. Inside tortilla, there were bell pepper, been, chili sauce, rice, and corn. It was a little spicy for me. Fortunately, there were a lot of lettuce and cabbage. Chili salsa sauce was delicious, too.

Mex Cantina Bona Fide
Tortilla chips con guacamole

It tasted like ordinary nachos and guacamole. It was delicious, but there were lots of small pieces.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Earl grey dark chocolate.

I really liked the scent of earl grey. It would have been boring if there were only earl grey. It was really good because there was dark chocolate.

Restaurant Marco Polo
Tofu steak

There were sesame tofu steak and fried rice noodles on top. Spinach and rice noodle with miso paste sauce were under it. It was just plain taste.

Restaurant Marco Polo

It was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I was glad to have bread, or I would have been really hungry.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Caramel almond cacao nibs

This ice cream is really good. The crunchy texture of almonds and cacao nibs was good, especially the caramel ice cream itself was really fantastic.

Restaurant Lanii

It wasn’t a warm bread, but it was good.

Restaurant Lanii
Spring roll

The spring roll was really crispy. It would have been better without soy sauce. Because it was salty and damp.
There was arugula under the spring roll, and there was sweet chili sauce.
There were carrots, glass noodles, and scallions in the spring roll. I’m not sure if there was a cabbage. Actually, the spring roll was very small, and the amount of vegetables was small.

Restaurant Lanii
Pad Thai

The pad thai was decorated with blanched almonds and sprouts. Inside the pad thai, there were zucchini, carrot, and onion. But the pad thai cooked with sweet chili sauce. It was super sweet and sticky that it didn’t taste good.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik
Coffee oatmeal cookie

There was oatmeal cookie in the coffee ice cream. It was fine.

Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik

I like hazelnut ice cream, but it wasn’t that good. I liked caramel ice cream the best.

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