What I ate in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vegan)

Mala Kuhinja

There’s no menu here. I told waiter I’m vegan. I asked for vegetables and potatoes.
There were zucchini, button mushroom, bell pepper (green, yellow, red), and scallion. It was stir-fried with chili oil and barbecue sauce. It was sweet and the vegetables were really soft, especially the mushrooms were fantastic. And it was decorated with edible flower leaves.
Potatoes were added with turmeric and sesame seeds. Potatoes were very soft, too.


I think I’m addicted to lemonade. I really like lemon. I added sugar to make it sweet.

Vegetable pot

There were button mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato sauce, and polenta. It’s baked in an oven. There were burnt vegetables, but it didn’t matter. And I love polenta. I can eat it every day.

dm (BBI Center)
Aplro soya vanilla, Misura biscuits with cocoa and puffed rice

My favorite misura snack was sold there. And I bought vanilla soy milk because I didn’t want to get thirsty after eating snacks. They were sweet.


It was juice with sweet potato, beet, carrot. Sweet potato juice was interesting because it was my first time.


Nut, seeds and veggie raw patty in oat and buckwheat bun with coleslaw
The burger had bell pepper, mayonnaise, raw patty, red onion, lettuce, and mustard sauce. The patty seemed to contain dried tomato and beet. I was curious about the raw patty, but it was better than I thought. And coleslaw with pickle were also delicious. On the left, the hot paste was really spicy.

Peanut butter cake

It’s a cake made of peanut butter, maple syrup, cocoa, oat flakes, and coconut oil. Peanut chocolate cream and crust were good. The chocolate syrup on the cake was delicious, too. But if you don’t like damp peanuts, I won’t recommend it.

Falafel Restaurant
falafel meal

The lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad with lemon juice and oil were delicious.
Falafel was hot and crispy because it was freshly fried, but it was very salty. Instead, salad, potato, and bread were not salty. Bread was not pita bread. It wasn’t a hollow bread and it was big. I was really full.

Marshall’s Gelato

There are so many vegan gelato on the menu. But there were only strawberry and raspberry. The taste was not bad.

Pijaca Markale

I bought a delicious looking cherry at the market. It wasn’t delicious but I ate it well.

Verdure pizza, Mista piccola salad

There were vapiano tomato sauce, grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper), fresh mushrooms. I ordered without mozzarella cheese. Honestly, it wasn’t a good pizza.
The salad had mixed leaf salad, cherry tomato, carrot, red cabbage and balsamic dressing. The cook also gave me a soft white bread.

Almond ball, Walnut chocolate cookie, Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice was delicious but small. Both almond ball, walnut chocolate cookie were good. The almond ball was soft and moist. I loved it.

Healthy Lab (Alta Shopping Center)
Heart beet

It was apple, carrot, beet, orange, lemon juice. It was pre-made juice. But it was good.

Mint lemonade

It was refreshing. I drank without sugar.

Thai vegetable

I came here because I wanted to eat a polenta again. But the server said that today’s polenta had milk in it. So I had to order other food.
This food had rice, tofu, bell pepper, carrot, zucchini, red cabbage and sweet soy sauce. It was very greasy and sweet.

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