What I ate in Belgrade, Serbia (Vegan)


It was lemon water.

Mambo deluxe

Tempeh, seitan, grilled tofu, grilled vegetables, rice, chutney
There were zucchini, red bell pepper, carrot, cauliflower, and aubergine in the grilled vegetables. Grilled vegetables were surrounded by spices. I felt like I was eating a dry curry.
The seitan sausages were not moist but delicious.
Grilled tofu can’t be bad, but it was salty.
Tempeh was not salty and delicious compared to other foods. It smells like a mild soybean paste and it was very nutty. I loved it.

Vegan brownie

There was sour chocolate sauce on the warm brownies. Brownie was dry and tasteless. And there was too many chocolate sauce. It was made from cacao powder. It wasn’t good.

Good morning

Mango, carrot, orange, lemon
There was a lot of lemon juice in it. It was really refreshing.

Carrot lox tartine

Herbs smoked carrot lox, vegan chive cheese, capers, herbs
The bread is really crispy. Cashew base cheese was slightly salty and nutty. Carrots were soft enough to disappear when I put them in my mouth. And there were a lot of aromatic herbs on it.

Ćao Šećeru!
Namazanko (peanut butter cake), Ćoko mafin

They just pulled the cake out of the freezer. So it was still frozen. So it was like eating coconut peanut butter ice cream. This cake doesn’t have a decoration. Usually, they are decorated with edible flowers. The crust was two layers — the roasted hazelnut crust on top and the cashew crust on the bottom. Especially, hazelnut crust was really crunchy. This cake made with stevia instead of sugar.
The chocolate muffin had homemade nutella (date paste) and roasted hazelnut. The muffin was really good.
All the desserts are sugar-free.

Zdrawo Slatko poslasticarnica
Vivid dream, Rajski zalogaj (Heavenly bite)

The vivid dream was raw bite made of dry cherry and cashew. It was melted in my mouth.
Rajski zalogaj was peanut butter cup. The pomegranate was inside, so it was better.

Zdrawo Slatko poslasticarnica

It was juice with apple, orange, blueberry, lemon and ginger.

Veganski Kiosk Bio-Vita
Bio sandwich with soy steak

Between the bread, there were soy steak, carrot, cabbage salad, ketchup, and spices. There were three thick soy steaks.
It was really cheap. If I live here, I would go there every day.

Aunt liza, Sun

Aunt liza is made of almond, rice flour, raspberries, agave syrup, lemon juice. It was like oatmeal porridge. Instead of oatmeal, it tasted like almond powder. It was a delicious dessert.
Sun is made of whole wheat flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, beer, baking powder, millet, himalayan salt, sunflower, sesame, olive oil, flax, quinoa, black cumin. It looks like sweet cookies, but it was a savoury scone. It was cute and delicious.

Corn bread, Posni

Corn bread is made of corn integral white flour, cashew, spinach, himalayan salt, baking powder. I like sweet corn bread. But this kind of savoury corn bread was good, too. It looked dry on the outside, but it was very moist inside.
Posni is made of integral unleavened bread, smoked tofu, mustard, agave syrup, pickles, dried tomatoes, iceberg salad, peanut butter. I could taste every taste of each ingredient. The combination of peanut butter and dry tomatoes was not bad. And there were a lot of pickles.

Go Sushi
Mango bango, Veggiri, Carrot nigiri

I ordered mango bango, because it’s possible to make this to vegan. Mango bango had mango and mango syrup on top, and inside the roll were paprika, cucumber, carrot and chives.
Veggiri was a nigiri with tofu, avokado, aceto balsamico.
Carrot nigiri had carrot, cucumber, aceto balsamico.
But the rice is too mushy. Rice is the most important thing. So it didn’t taste good.

Maxi (Kralja Milana 31/A)
Bar nar pomegranate, Alpro soya banana, Alpro soya red fruits, Joya soja waldbeere

I bought pomegranates because it looked fresh.
Alpro didn’t disappoint me. It feels good to see alpro in a supermarket.
Joya yogurt was really good. Vegan yogurt is either really good or bad. but this yogurt tasted great.


This lemonade was lemon juice water, but waiter gave me sugar. The sugar was coconut sugar. So the lemonade color became strange.

Chickpea fries

The fries made of finely ground chickpea. It was delicious! And the citrus aioli was also really delicious.

BBQ oyster mushroom cutlets

It was more like an oyster mushroom steak than a cutlet. The mushrooms were really chewy. And there were baby spinach, baked potato, bbq sauce, basil, and dried tomatoes.

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