What I ate in Zagreb, Croatia (Vegan)

Zrno bio bistro
Breaded tofu

There were tofu, sourdough crumbs, wok vegetables, pickle salad, ginger-tamarin sauce. The tofu was covered with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, too. It was crispy and delicious, but salty. I couldn’t even dip the sauce.
In the middle, there was a stir-fried zucchini and carrot. It was bitter, salty, and oily.
On the left was a pickle on a green salad. This salad was the only one that wasn’t salty.

Zrno bio bistro
Bio kiss

From the bottom, There were chocolate, turmeric, and vanilla pudding. Chocolate pudding tasted bitter. Turmeric pudding tasted like turmeric. But vanilla pudding was really good. Vanilla pudding was topped with sliced almonds and crushed hazelnuts. I just wanted to eat only vanilla pudding.

bio&bio (Ilica 5)
Eco biscuits Nut, Indy & pippa Happynut

I think I really like hazelnut.
I took cookie as a snack to eat at plitvice lakes. It was so good.
The ice cream was really good, too. I liked the hazelnut scent so much.

bio&bio (Ilica 70)
Sojade So soya Cherry, Lemon

I like lemon better than cherry. I love this brand. It has a variety of flavors.

Evergreen Sushi Bar
Shiitake maki, Tiger veggie roll

The shiitake maki on the left contained fried shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake tempura was really crispy. The texture of the soft rice and crispy tempura was fantastic.
The tiger veggie roll had avocados on it, and inside were carrot and zucchini tempura. This roll was really good.
It was small and expensive, but it was worth it.

Evergreen Sushi Bar
Green tea

It was green tea with green tea powder. I don’t usually drink tea or coffee. But I really liked the green tea I drank that day.

Vis a vis by Vincek
Green tea with mint lemon, Lemon

I needed something sour because I picked two cakes. I chose lemon and green tea with lemon mint. It was an excellent choice.

Vis a vis by Vincek
Torta od čokolade i maline, Sadašnji trenutak

The chocolate cake was stacked in order of chocolate sheets, raspberry jam, and chocolate ganache cream. It felt more delicious because of the raspberry jam.
Sadašnji trenutak was raw cake. Strawberry, raspberry cream was really soft and delicious. The cream is also contain banana, coconut butter and avocado. So it must have been delicious.

Good Food (Palmotićeva ul. 1)
Arabian dream

Falafel (chickpeas, parsley, coriander, flour, curcumin, garlic, chili, onion, sesame), crisp head lettuce, rucola, bulgur, cucumber, cherry tomato, mint dressing (soy yogurt, mint, garlic, lemon)
The lettuce and rucola were mixed with mint dressing. The dressing was too sour and tasteless. And it’s too bitter because it contained too much rucola. There were tomato, cucumber, falafel, and bulgur on top. The falafel was fried surrounded by sesame seeds. This falafel was okay. I wouldn’t be able to eat a salad without this falafel.

Simple Green by Jelena

bulgur with healthy balls made with chickpeas and hemp, mediterranean tomato sauce and salad
Bulgur’s texture, tomato sauce, and veggie balls were all perfect. I wasn’t even hungry, but I really enjoyed it. The good thing is, there was glass noodle in the veggie ball. In Korea, there is a famous dish called japchae. I thought about Korea.

Simple Green by Jelena

It was lettuce and sprout salad.

Green Point
French fries, Seitan burger

I chose a seitan burger menu. The cook asked me what kind of sauce and vegetables I want. I chose a salsa mayonnaise mix sauce, and I asked for all the vegetables. Inside the sesame bun were seitan patty, salsa mayonnaise sauce, tomato, shredded carrot, scallion, pickle, sweet corn, and lettuce. Carrot and corn made the burger sweet. The seitan patty was chewy. It was delicious and I was really full.
French fries were crispy and moist. Salsa sauce and mayonnaise were served and the sauce itself was really delicious. It was interesting because mayonnaise was yellow and has a pudding-like texture.

Green Point
Gelati doro Green tea

It was a delicious green ice cream!

Restoran Vegehop
Freshly squeezed juice

It was juice with orange, carrot, and beetroot. I wanted to drink it every day instead of water.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Creamy cauliflower soup

It wasn’t cream soup. It was cauliflower soup made with vegetable broth. The soup tasted good.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Mixed salad with sprouts

There were sprouts, red cabbage, carrot, lettuce and balsamic dressing.

Restoran Vegehop
Daily menu – Breaded seitan steak, Adzuki bean stew, Steamed vegetables, Young asparagus pesto

There were carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage in the steamed vegetables. There was a lot of olive oil.
Adzuki bean stew had a lot of spice and the color was really dark because of adzuki bean. It taste like vegetable curry I ate at the Seychelles.
The breaded seitan was really delicious. It was chewy and really soft. It was fried food so it was like eating meat.
Asparagus pesto was fine. I ate it with seitan.

Barcode Mitra
Charcoal water

It was nice to be able to drink water for free. And there was charcoal in the water. There is also room temperature water for people who don’t drink cold water.

Barcode Mitra
Green burger

Between the sweet burger bun, there were beet garlic sauce, tomato, oatmeal patty and lettuce. Inside the patty, there were spinach and onions, too. Patty was like bread dough. It was sticky and stretched like cheese. Or maybe it was just an undercooked patty. I really liked the burger bun and beet sauce.

Barcode Mitra
Orange carrot brownie

It was a healthy dessert made with dates instead of sugar. The orange smell was really good. Next to brownie were cinnamon powder, cacao powder, and homemade healthy butter.

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