What I ate in Budapest, Hungary (Vegan)

Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery

There were whipped cream, custard cream in the pastry. The pastry was not crispy, but it tasted good.

Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery
Halved pizza (a combination of two pizza)

The pizza on the left is Coal-Burner. On top of the leavened spelt pizza dough were tomato sauce, faux sausage, seitan cubes, smoked tofu, red onions, oregano, garlic, non-dairy cheese.
The pizza on the right is Hawaii. On the dough, tomato sauce, seitan cubes, corn, pineapple, oregano, garlic, non-dairy cheese went up.
The pizza was salty as a whole. But it wasn’t bad. Especially, it was good to have two kinds of cheese. There were shred cheeses and slice cheeses.

Matrjoska Kroshka
Yellow split peas cream soup with herbs, Apple spritzer

I ordered a lunch menu with soup, main menu, and drink. First of all, I was surprised that they used disposable containers. I don’t like wooden cutleries. So I had to drink the soup like a drink. It was also a thin soup and the spoon was too small to use. The soup was delicious.
Apple spritzer was a mixture of sparkling water and Apple juice.

Matrjoska Kroshka

Russian filled pasta variations with 3 sauces & toppings (tomato sauce with rosemary & sweet potato sauce with cinnamon & Roasted seed mix)
The filled pasta looks cute like a UFO. There was a beetroot in the stuffing so the color was very pretty. And sweet potato sauce was really good.

Vega City
Cheese cake, Pasta with potato (small size)

The berry jelly on the cheesecake was really delicious. Inside, there was mashed tofu. Sometimes I chewed large pieces of tofu. The cake sheet was a chocolate sheet.
This was the place to choose a main dish first and to choose the toppings. I chose pasta with Potato as a main dish. On top of that, I added breaded eggplant, bared mushroom, and dolma roll. You can’t see it well in the picture, but the pasta was really delicious. Mashed potatoes, soft pasta, and spices all mingled well. The breaded eggplants on top were really delicious. The breaded mushroom was rich in salt. The dolma roll was not good.

Veganeria Bisztró Vegán étterem

It was fizzy lemonade, and it wasn’t too sweet. It smelled fragrant because it contains mint, lemon, and orange.

Veganeria Bisztró Vegán étterem
Penne with garlic, creamy spinach stew

The creamy spinach sauce was really delicious. Pasta was well cooked, so the texture was good. It was not boring to eat because there was coconut cheese on top.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Gombás ravioli, Marcipános-csokis pozsonyi kifli

On the left is mushroom ravioli. It is made of wheat flour, margarine, common mushroom, onion, potato, carrot, celery, white wine, soy milk, extra virgin olive oil, water, sage, thyme, salt, black pepper. Crispy but it was too salty.
On the right is marzipan-Chocolate Bratislava croissant. It is made of wheat flour, margarine, cane sugar, marzipan, chocolate chip, water, yeast, salt. There are a lot of marzipan and chocolate chips inside. It was really sweet.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Füstös-gombás rusztikus pizza

It’s smoky-mushroom rustic pizza. It is pizza made of wheat flour, water, mushrooms, vegetable milk, vegetable cream, vegetable yogurt, natural liquid smoke, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, parsley, salt.
It was bread pizza dough. The bottom of the bread was crispy. It was really good.

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde
Biopont Organic oat drink with vanilla

It was a delicious oat milk. This vanilla flavor was good, but I also recommend ‘rice coffee’ flavor. It tasted like coffee with roasted barley. It was amazing.

Madal Food – Vegan Restaurant – Étterem
Alfredo di zucca

Creamy, spicy plant based sauce with roasted pumpkin seeds, cashew
On top of the pasta were vegan cheese, cherry tomato, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. I loved the taste of pasta. And the cashew sauce was really good.
By the way, that’s the name of the restaurant on Google Map. So I thought everything there was a vegan. But that place was divided into cafe and pasta bar. The cafe was not 100% vegan.

Madal Food – Vegan Restaurant – Étterem
Vegan croissants

It was more like a soft bread than a crispy pastry. It’s not bad though.

ProVita Zöldség Gyümölcs

They were selling a small piece of Jackfruit. It was perfectly ripe. It was a delicious jackfruit.

Great Bistro – Vegan restaurant
Chickpea omelette

Inside the omelette were green lettuce mix, tomato, avocado, tempeh bacon, vegan cheese, vegan mayo. The omelette was salty but still good. It was more delicious because of the tempeh bacon cooked with soy sauce and vegan cheese.

Great Bistro – Vegan restaurant
Sweet ball

It was a sweet ball made of millet. And the sauce was delicious. It tasted like yogurt drink with cinnamon. It was really delicious to eat with the sauce.

Gelarto Rosa
Sour cherry with sea buckthorn, Mango, Basil lemon

There was no milky gelato. Still, it was interesting to eat rose-shaped gelato for the first time. It looked really pretty. And It tasted great. Specially basil lemon was my favorit.

Plantmilkyway Vegan Pastry & Coffee Shop
rózsa málna pisztácia entremet, Tiramisu

Rose raspberry pistachio entremet was a cake with a lot of cashew. And there was jelly inside. Tiramisu was also delicious. They both seemed to be raw cake. I don’t prefer raw cake, but these cakes were nice.

Plantmilkyway Vegan Pastry & Coffee Shop
Limenita Apple mango juice

It was a common mango juice taste. It was 100% cold paste juice. It was good.

Szabad Bisztró

It was fizzy lemonade. The cup was big, but there was not much lemonade because there was too much fruit. It tasted good though.

Szabad Bisztró
Pasta with mushrooms and vegetables (daily menu)

It was a pasta with bell pepper, carrot, mushroom, cabbage, scallion, soy sauce, ginger, chili powder and sesame seeds. This pasta is the most salty food I’ve ever eaten. It was torture for me who never leave food. And I had to go to atm because I couldn’t pay by credit card. I was embarrassed because he didn’t tell me in advance.

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