What I ate in Bratislava, Slovakia (Vegan)

Many restaurants are closed because of Good Friday and Easter. So I couldn’t go to five restaurants that I wanted to go to. So I ate more desserts than meals instead.

La Donuteria
Arašidové maslo (Peanut butter)

The doughnut was so soft and huge. Peanut icing was delicious, too.

Foodstock Bratislava
Homemade bread, Miso, Green hummus

Bread was a bit hard and dense.
Miso soup contained seaweed, fried tofu, sesame seeds, coriander and scallion. (Miso and Gyoza are sold as a set. I ate a set menu, so the amount of soup is small.)
Hummus contained homemade tahini paste, peas and moroccan mint. The mint scent was strong. It was all salty. And honestly, it wasn’t delicious.

Foodstock Bratislava

Crispy vegetable gyoza with teriyaki sauce
On top of the crispy gyoza were scallion, sesame seeds, edamame, shiitake mushroom and teriyaki sauce. But the teriyaki sauce was sprinkled a lot, so it was really salty!!! It was too salty. It was shocking. It’ll be really good if I eat it without the sauce.

La Donuteria
Lesné ovocie (Forest fruits)

There were dried strawberries, dried blueberries, and dried raspberries on top. This doughnut’s icing is so moist that it melts well. It was uncomfortable to eat, but it was delicious.

Anker (Aupar shopping mall)
Paradajková focaccia (Tomato focaccia)

It was really salty, but it was delicious. It was really crispy on the outside.

Chestnut, Almond

I liked both of them. But almond (the ice cream above) was more delicious than chestnut.

Arthur Ice Cream 

It was expensive, but it tasted good.
I don’t really like fruit gelato. The only thing I could eat was pistachio. And I can’t pay with my credit card…

Made With Laf 
Thai Red Curry

Coriander, black sesame seeds, carrot, red pepper, green beans, broccoli, chili, mushroom, coconut milk, jasmine rice
This coconut curry was really delicious. I’ve never had a bad coconut milk curry. Coconut Curry never disappoints me.

La Donuteria
Karamelovy lotus (Caramel lotus)

Icing was just like peanut donut. Lotus on the donut was surprisingly crispy.

i Nonni
Coconut yogurt, Pistachio

Both of them were really delicious. There was glacé pineapple in coconut yogurt.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)

Fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, water
It tasted like lemon juice that wasn’t sweet. It was good to drink before eating.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)
Kubu salad

Lettuce, radicchio, caramelized lime, carrot ribbons, avocado, radishes, cucumber, lime dressing
This salad was really good. Especially, the salad dressing was really good. It was a lime dressing with a little bit of soy sauce. And there were a lot of sesame seeds on it. It was like eating an Asian-style salad.

Kubu (Aupark shopping mall)
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

Garlic, olive oil, chili, parsley
It was delicious pasta. And there was only one piece of chili, so it wasn’t spicy.

La Donuteria
Mliečny kokos (Coconut)

I wanted to taste all the doughnuts they sell there. So I didn’t really expect the taste. But this coconut donut was really good. I’m completely in love. Coconut icing wasn’t damp or wet. That’s why it was more delicious.

La Donuteria
Svieža jahoda (Strawberry)

The icing which contained berry juice, melted very well. It’s inconvenient to eat, but it doesn’t matter It’s delicious anyway.

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