What I ate in Prague, Czechia (Vegan)

Vegan’s Prague

This place does not provide tap water for free. However, there are mint, lemon and orange in the water, It’s worth it.

Vegan’s Prague
Soup of the day (zucchini soup)

It was salty but it was really delicious.

Vegan’s Prague
Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce with chickpeas-quinoa balls, served with rice or homemade dumplings
This main course was Czech specialties. I ordered it because I didn’t think I could taste it anywhere. Soft chickpeas-quinoa balls, tomato sauce, and bread dumpling were all delicious.

Vegan’s Prague
Baked cake – daily offer (Chocolate cake)

It was delicious chocolate cake. There was apricot marmalade in the middle. It was more delicious because of this marmalade.

Forrest vegan bistro & espresso bar
Peanut butter cake

It was whipped cream on the chocolate sheet cake. There were banana and whipped cream in the middle. By the way I don’t know where the peanut butter is.

Forrest vegan bistro & espresso bar
Pandan pancakes

Buckwheat flour, pandan, soya whipped cream, seasonal fruit, agave
Pancakes are delicious. It’s my first time eating pandan, but I didn’t smell anything unusual. There were pomegranate, banana, and apple. And there were a lot of whipped cream on the top.

Raspberry bread

Actually, I asked about the name of this bread, but I can’t remember… The taste of bread wasn’t bad.

Go Green!

Rice noodles with cilantro-cashew pesto with garlic & lemon juice, chilli, roasted cashew, mung sprouts & lime
Rice noodles were really soft. Cilantro-cashew pesto was good. It was good to chew soft rice noodles and crispy mung spouts together.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop
Boston cream

It was doughnut full of custard cream. It can’t be bad.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop
Cokolotus (choco & lotus)

Inside the doughnut were cream made of caramel and crushed lotus. It was really tasty.
If you go there late afternoon, all the donuts are sold out, so it’s better to go early.

Chutnej bistro

Rice cream with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onion, onion, garlic, vegan cheese, herbs
All ingredients matched well. Everything was awesome.


I didn’t know it was cash-only place. So I could only eat cake. It was disappointing, but the cake was delicious. There were coconut flakes, bananas, blueberries, and flowers.

Spinach balls in creamy carrot sauce with ginger and coconut milk, rice

Hot pepper on top was really spicy. I’ve been distracted for a while. But spinach balls and carrot sauce were really delicious. The sauce was reminded of yellow coconut curry. It was a very satisfying lunch.

Raspberry aid

It was too heavy to lift with one hand. There were a lot of drinks. It tasted like carbonated water.

Burger with pulled oyster mushrooms & courgette

If you order a burger, you can choose side dish and sauce for free. I ordered side salad with plevel dressing and chili soyannaise dips. The salad was mixed with sweet dressing. Chili mayonnaise was really delicious without being greasy.
There was also caramelized onion and bell pepper in burger. Mushrooms were salty, but they were really chewy.

MyRaw Café
Golden mylk

Almond milk, banana, turmeric, pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, dates
I was worried about the smell of spices, but I didn’t have to worry. It didn’t smell strong and it was really delicious. And I felt the taste of apples.

MyRaw Café
Apple crepes with cashew cream and caramel

Banana, apples, cinnamon, dates, agave, orange juice, mesquite
The crepe was so tough that it was really hard to cut, but it was delicious. There were so many apples in it. It tasted a lot of cinnamon, too.

Chutnej bistro
Sweet potatoes

Rice cream, sweet potatoes and potatoes, cherry tomatoes, beans, red onion, mushrooms, vegan cheese, herbs
Pizza dough was thin and crispy. Sweet potatoes were really sweet, and potatoes were savory. Rice cream is really delicious, too. I’m so into cream sauce that I don’t want to eat tomato sauce anymore if possible. And I don’t like onion because of the smell, but onion here don’t smell bad or spicy. I guess they’re putting onion in cold water. I really love pizza here.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Toasted hazelnuts, chocolate, and toffee cream were perfect. I think I’ll miss Prague because of pizza and donut.

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