What I ate in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (Vegan)

Flowers Kitchen
Veggie Quiche

There were carrot, potato, and leek in quiche. Quiche was a little salty and not that good. The salad tasted fresh with lemon juice in it. Salad and beet pickle were good.

Flowers Kitchen
Peanut butter chocolat cake

At the top of cake were chocolate granola and blueberry. There was thick peanut butter cream in the middle. Cake base was moist and delicious.

Mango vietnamese, Vegan cheese fries

White organic bread, mango chutney, spicy mayo, pickled daikon & carrots, spring onions, green chili
Burger bun was really soft. Patty was crispy patty. It was like falafel without spices. It was a really delicious burger.
The salad was mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Cheese sauce on top of fries was good. There was lots of cheese sauce.
And I can choose one sauce for free. I picked homemade mayo. It was delicious mayo for homemade.

Citrus tart

There was meringue cookie. I never thought I could eat meringue cookies. It was really nice. Tart crust was crispy. And it was like eating a soft cookie.

Chia & mix noix, Heart beet (cold pressed juice)

Chia seed, almond milk, vanilla, almond nut, cashew nut, dates, blueberry, sesame seed
Chia pudding was very plain. But nut paste under chia pudding was sweet. It was delicious to eat together.
Juice contained apple, beet, ginger, orange, and pear. It wasn’t fresh juice. It was fermented. It was like drinking vinegar drink.
I went there at 11 o’clock, but not all food was ready. I think it would be nice to go there in the afternoon.

Nirvana Café

The choice of dishes changes daily. Options include onion bhajis or vegetable pakoras, two different types of lentils and pulses for protein, white or brown rice, two types of vegetable curries and fresh salad. Fruit for dessert.
This restaurant serves buffet from 12:00 to 14:00 every day. Yellow lentil curry at the top was best. Potato curry on the right of lentil curry is a bit spicy, but it’s delicious, too. Onion bhaji (top left) and salad were salty. Except fried and salad everything was delicious. And there were orange and apple for dessert.

Broccoli almond soup

It was smooth soup with a sour taste. It wasn’t my style, but it was fine.

Main dish

Quinoa with creamy asparagus, roasted cauliflower, asparagus cashew cream sauce and a mixed spring salad
There were radish, sunflower seed, apple, celery, pickled carrot and beet, lettuce, radicchio, rocket, and hemp seed in salad. There was fruit in salad dressing. And asparagus, cauliflower and quinoa were really soft.

Raw chocolate cake

Reason why I don’t eat raw cake often is because of the crust. But this crust (crust contained hazelnuts and sugar) was good. It was delicious, even though I was quite full when I ate this cake.

Shish falafel plate, Sweet potato fries extra, Andalouse sauce

Cabbage, tarator sauce, mushrooms, full, hummus, tabbouleh, fried pita
Shish falafel has beet juice in it, unlike ordinary falafel. There’s more spice, too. Mushrooms were cooked with coriander seed. In fact, everything was not my style except pita bread and cabbage. Spices were strong, and too sour to me. I was quite hungry at the time, but it didn’t taste good.
And sweet potato fries was not good either. It wasn’t crispy, it was just greasy. But andalouse sauce was really delicious.

Warm clafouti

With plum and ice cream
Mango sorbet was really delicious. Clafouti had a lot of berries in it.

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