What I ate in Brussels, Belgium (Vegan)

Le Botaniste
Joe’s smashed potato, Pear chocolate cake

Potatoes, wild mushroom gravy, salad mix, aioli dressing
Below lettuce, kale, and red cabbage pickle were filled with gravy and wedge-shaped steaming potatoes. The gravy was delicious, and there were lots of potatoes in it.
The cake seemed to contain a lot of chickpea powder. I felt like I was eating moist bread crumb rather than cake. But it tasted good.

Cashew toast

Organic cashew, carrot and beetroot marinated with maple syrup vinaigrette, pickled cucumber, pumpkin seed
There were sprouts, coriander, and sunflower seeds, too. Cashew sauce was really delicious. Carrot and beetroot was really sweet. It goes well with cashew sauce. It was delicious toast.


It was a really delicious croissant. It was crispy, soft, and it smelled good.

Le Botaniste
Pasta al mafiosi

Whole grain pasta, bolognese sauce, green herbal oil, gomasio
There was a lot of vegan meat in that sauce. Pasta was not chewy because it was a pre-cooked pasta. The overall taste was not bad.

Croissant, Citron cake

Croissant were really delicious. Vegan croissant is hard to find, especially not many delicious croissant. It was really good.
Citron cake was really delicious, too. It was more delicious because there was lemon icing on the top. I’d like the cake to be a little bigger.

Waffel + Chocolate + Whipping Cream

If you like crispy waffle, don’t add topping. I added chocolate and whipped cream. Whipping cream melts like water. The waffle was really damp. I bought another waffle that didn’t add toppings because I liked the crispy waffles. Waffle itself was really delicious.

Kookie cat (Chia lemon)

I bought cookie at the store. It was cashew & oat cookie, it tasted healthy. There were a lot of chia seeds in it.

Yummy Bowl
Sunny bowl

Pearled barley, young shoots, avocado spring roll, kale cabbage, grilled fresh corns, rocket, enoki, chickpeas, roast butternuts, carrots, cucumber, grilled aubergines, granny apples, mango, beet, edamame, muesli, peanut
Spring roll contained noodle, beet pickle, carrot, avocado, spinach, and mung bean sprout. Cucumber, carrot and beet in the bowl were pickled. It was amazing because there were so many ingredients. It was fun. Of course it tasted good.

Citron cake, Harves moon (mango & maracuja)

Citron cake I had before was really small. This time cake was big. Because I bought last cake. It was delicious. Coconut yogurt (coconut milk with yoghurt cultures) was not bad. It was over 3 euro. It’s a little expensive.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar
The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar

Luckily buffet opened when I stayed in Brussels. Looking at Facebook, buffet at the restaurant seemed to happen once in a while. It was really precious. There were bread, spread, salad, steamed vegetable with rice, grilled vegetables (carrot, zucchini), pasta, soup and more. It was really nice to be able to eat variety of foods.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Salad bar

Among them, I liked tofu cucumber Sun-dried tomato salad (top Left), artichoke tomato black olive salad (top right), tofu tomato pasta (bottom left), cream potato zucchini (bottom right) the most.

The Judgy Vegan café & bar
Kuhbonbon Caramel

It wasn’t chewy, soft caramel. But it was delicious.

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