What I ate in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Vegan)

Delicious Deshima
Green lentil & vegetable Soup, Sushi tempeh

Soup contained lentil, zucchini, carrot, paprika, onion and parsley. It was really soft because they boiled it for a long time. It was delicious. There are cabbage, carrot and ginger in the salad. The salad was good.
There was a tempeh, cucumber, carrot, and sesame seed in sushi tempeh. It tasted simple and neat.

Delicious Deshima
Seitan roll (roll at the bottom), Arame roll, Torta della nonna

There were seitan and sauerkraut in seitan roll. The skin was crispy.
I thought arame roll had noodle, but it wasn’t. It had various vegetables and tasted of ramen.
Lemon tart was sweet and sour. Both filling and crust was delicious.

Queens quiche

Charred leek tip, sundried tomato and butternut quiche, made with rosemary whipped tofu and a super seedy gluten free crust, served with house relish and a side salad of leafy greens.
I wish they had heated up a quiche. It was really cold. I couldn’t taste anything because it was cold. Quiche wasn’t really my style. But I like there are many vegetables. And relish sauce was really delicious.

Spinach roll

It contained spinach and feta cheese. It was cold and not crispy, but delicious.

Vegan Junk Food Bar (Reguliersdwarsstraat 57)
Crispy lemon shrimp caesar

Little gem, crispy lemon shrimpz, caesar dressing, croutons, parm á san, red onion, spring & fried onion mix
crispy lemon shrimpz was really delicious. I really liked the texture of the shrimp. Caesar dressing seemed to contain soybean paste. It was not usual caesar dressing. There was a lot of lettuce underneath. But thanks to fried onion and parm á san under the shrimpz, I was able to enjoy it.

Meatless District
Mushroom benedict

Hollandaise, spinach, thyme, chives
Hollandaise sauce tasted like egg yolk. Common mushroom and oyster mushroom are cooked in olive oil. Some mushrooms are really salty. I think it would be good to sprinkle salt evenly. But it was really delicious.

Koffie ende Koeck
Matcha cake

There was matcha buttercream frosting on matcha cake base. It was delicious.

Koffie ende Koeck
Tiramisu tart

There was dark chocolate between tiramisu and crust. (Preventing crust from damp) Too bitter for me who can’t eat dark chocolate. But tiramisu was really delicious.

Koffie ende Koeck

The server asked me if I wanted jam and butter. The croissant was warmly served. The croissant was not good, but it was nice because it was warm.

Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar
Vanilla soft serve cup

The taste was common vanilla ice cream, but not delicious one…

Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar
The pulled mush

Pulled mushrooms with lettuce, cucumber, mama’s coleslaw, bbq sauce & crispy onions
There was more onion than mushroom. It was a little spicy and extremely greasy. Bread was thick. It’s better than thin bread. Overall, it was delicious burger.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson
Don’t call me corny (Stuffed corn pie)

Corn, minced tempeh, mushrooms, marinated red onion, dressing
Corn bread part and vegetables on top were delicious. But stuffing had a lot of salt and bitter. (Edge is burnt.)

Vegan Junk Food Bar (Marie Heinekenplein 9)
VJFB platter

Bitterballen, coconut curry bitter-balls, onion rings, cheezy spring-rolls, crispy lemon shrimpz, VJFB sauces
Cheezy spring-rolls had so many soya based cheeze, so it was salty but very crispy.
Coconut curry bitter-balls (left) were as soft as cream. Of course, it was very crispy on the outside. There were green peas in it.
Onion rings were also delicious.
Crispy lemon shrimpz is really delicious with mayonnaise. I like this most. I really liked the shrimp before I became vegan. I’m glad I can eat the vegan one.
Bitterballen is similar to coconut curry bitter-balls. It tasted like black pepper, and it seemed to have soy meat instead of green peas.
The sauce was sweet chili, mustard, mayonnaise + ketchup and mayonnaise.

Rainbowls Amsterdam
Pink Rainbowls

Pitaya, mango, banana, coconut, flax, maca & chia
There were banana, orange, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and edible flower. There was a granola under fruit. Grenola contained sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, oat, flax seed, walnut and hazelnut. Granola was delicious. Flower made with yogurt was really pretty, too.

Maoz (Damrak 40A)
Salad bar
Maoz (Damrak 40A)
Salad box

Vegetables & 3 falafel balls
The server puts three falafels and some lettuce in the box. Then I can put vegetables myself. You can also choose pita bread instead of box. There were many pickles. There were cooked carrot, cucumber, tomato, pickles, olives, sauerkraut and coleslaw. Among them, I liked coleslaw.

Maoz (Damrak 40A)
Home-made Belgian fries

It was really tasty. Potatoes were thick, crispy and moist. It was crispy to the end. Mayonnaise was delicious, too.

vegan junk food bar (Staringplein 22)
Original VJFB 3.0, Truffle fries

Juicy plant-based beef 3.0, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, spring onion & fried onion mix, pickles, jalapeños, VJFB sauce
Burger bread was soft and delicious. The VJFB sauce was like mayonnaise + sriracha sauce. And I think They use beyond meat burger too. Like Bun2Bun in Helsinki. It was better because patty was thicker than Bun2Bun. Beyond Meat Burger is really amazing. It was really delicious burger.
Truffle fries were full of nutritional yeast (which was labeled parm á san on the menu) and sesame seed and spring onion. The fries were really delicious. The smell of truffle oil was really good. Mayonnaise was delicious, too. It was same mayonnaise as Maoz.

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