What I ate in Copenhagen, Denmark (Vegan)

Tempura cauliflower

With chili, coriander and miso mayo.
Fries were crispy and sauce was delicious but salty. Still, it wasn’t boring because there were lime and coriander.

Large homemade lemonade (Mango)

This lemonade contains mango puree and soda water. It’s not sweet lemonade, but it was good.

Homemade pizza

Zucchini, cheese, sun-dried tomato, truffle, and pesto, served with side salad.
Waiting staff asked me if I wanted to add truffle mushroom, so I said yes. The truffle was on the menu. I don’t know why she asked me to add it. But I couldn’t taste a truffle. The dough was more like bread than pizza dough. Pizza as a whole was really delicious.
Salads contained lentil, caper, mixed salad and broccoli. The dressing had rosemary in it, so it smelled a lot of rosemary.

Citron tærte, Creme rince

Citron tærte was really fun with the meringue above. It was like eating a sweet bubble. The tærte filling was my favorite taste. It was refreshing.
The pastry was perfect. Inside were chocolate, custard and raspberries on top. Crispy pastry was really delicious.

Plant Power Food Cph
Green bowl

A delightful mix fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, edamame, herbs, rice/quinoa
I was surprised that the dish was large and the amount of food was large. Vegetables were mixed with tahini dressing. It contained balsamic vinegar pearls. It was so much fun to pop when I bite pearl with my teeth.

New York cheesecake

It was a delicious cheesecake. Berry jam, cheese, and crust were all good. But the crust is broken so well. It was good other than that.

The emperor

King oyster mushroom, potato, spinach, homemade tomato sauce, vegan cheese, arugula
Everything was delicious. I really liked the pizza dough, which was thick and crispy. Especially, chewy mushroom was really good. Mushrooms were fantastic with olive oil.


It was delicious. Inside the pastry were custard and almonds.

Croissant med fyld

I don’t know if it’s because I went to store in the afternoon or because of the moist berry cream. The croissant wasn’t crispy. But the berry cream and croissant were delicious.

Almond cream, zucchini gratin, tomatoes/ Potatoes and truffle/ Homemade seitan, potatoes, mushroom, aged cashew cheese (Half slice)

Almond cream contained garlic. It was really delicious. It wasn’t a smooth almond cream. And there were a lot of herbs on a zucchini. I could feel the fragrance of herbs. I really liked bread-like pizza dough. It was soft bread with lots of air holes, and the bottom was really crispy.
Potatoes and truffle pizza taste good. I really liked the smell of truffle.
Aged cashew cheese of the homemade seitan pizza tasted sour. It tasted good. Homemade seitan was also sour, and texture was very soft and chewy. There were also rosemary, potatoes, and onions. Rosemary’s scent was strong.

Pistacie tærte

Pistachio filling had a lot of sugar in it. It was really sweet and delicious.

Passion Fruit cheesecake

It was mousse cake than cheesecake. It was like eating passion fruit whipped cream. The crust is moist. And crust contained nuts and chocolate.


Outside was crispy, and inside was moist and soft. It was great to have a vegan croissant.

Matcha Bar (Magasin Du Nord)
Sweet dessert waffle

Rainbow tower (It wasn’t.) with salty caramel (It wasn’t.), berries and ice cream
I thought the waffle was really pretty when I saw the picture. That’s why I ordered. I was looking forward to rainbow tower waffle, but she gave it to me like this. I want them to change their menu description or picture. Anyway, on the chewy and warm waffle were coconut vanilla ice cream and dates syrup. Dates syrup and waffle was really delicious. Eating warm waffle and cold ice cream together was also fantastic.

Matcha Bar (Magasin Du Nord)
Cinnamon bun

The heated cinnamon bun was hot (only outside). I didn’t care about it, but if you care, I think it’s better not to heat it up. It was greasier than a donut, but it was delicious.


Burger patty made of mung beans & quinoa with cheese, greens, pickles and smoked paprika mayo.
Burger bun was thin and very hard. Mayo was really delicious. Under mayo were cucumber pickles and onion pickles. Burger Patty tasted a lot of pepper. It wasn’t a fragile patty, it was a thick, hard patty. I think it would be nice to have soft burger bun and soft burger patty.

Uganic (Torvehallerne Copenhagen)
Sugar cane juice, Jackfruit

As soon as I ordered, he made me a sugar cane juice in front of my eyes. It was so fresh. Jackfruit was ripe. It was soft and had a good smell like bubble gum.

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