What I ate in Warsaw, Poland (Vegan)

Vege Bistro
Beetroot “steak”

Served with pumpkin puree, rosemary sauce, pepper salad
Beetroot steak was really delicious. It was crispy on the outside, and sesame seeds were wrapped around it. The inside was really moist. The pumpkin puree sauce tasted bitter. Rosemary sauce was delicious. Paprika, onion, carrot, and cucumber salad were like eating pickle because they had a lot of vinegar.

Vege Bistro
Tofu cake

At the top was a syrup made of cacao powder and sugar. White part tastes like tofu cheesecake with raisins. The taste was fine, but incredibly dry. The bottom was a crust made of dates and nuts. The end of the crust burnt. Maybe oven was too hot.

Vegetable soup

I ordered a lunch set with soup and main. The menu is probably different every day. There were potato, carrot, lentil, and onion in the vegetable soup. It tasted like my favorite vegetable soup. It was moderately sour, and vegetables were tender.

Stuffed eggplant dish

Inside the eggplant were lentil, olive, grain, tomato, onion, and broccoli. Creamy tomato sauce was really delicious. Coleslaw with red cabbage was a bit salty and it felt like eating kimchi because it had chili powder on it.

Banoffee pie

Coconut cream and caramel filling were really delicious. But dark chocolate between pie crust and filling was too bitter.


Arborio rice, white wine, aloe, fennel, celery
I waited more than 30 minutes for Risotto. Risotto wasn’t bad. But I got tired of monotonous taste. Later, I could only feel the taste of oil and rice. Then I regretted myself for ordering risotto. That day I made a promise to myself. When I choose a menu, choose a food with a lot of ingredients. It wouldn’t be boring even if it didn’t taste good.

Tel Aviv Urban Food

Vegetable and mushroom patties with savoury red vegetable sauce, moroccan carrot, multigrain mix (quinoa, lentil, rice), green salad with vinaigrette
It was food with lots of spices except salad and rice. The salad was fresh and the dressing was delicious. Patty was round like a veggie ball, and there were five. It was like a veggie balls with tomato sauce. If you like spices, you can really enjoy it.

Leonardo Verde
Homemade lemonade (cranberry)

There was no straw and there was a lot of ice, so it was really uncomfortable to drink. I hope it tastes more lemonade. And it wasn’t my style because it was a spiced lemonade.

Leonardo Verde
Con spinaci

Cream sauce, cheese, blanched spinach and garlic, blue cheese
It was really delicious pizza. The dough was crispy and soft. Cream sauce with garlic was delicious, and coconut cheese was really good. It was the best cream sauce pizza I’ve ever had.

Vegan Ramen Shop
Creamy shio ramen

Thick and creamy broth, marinated shiitake mushrooms, chives, mung bean sprouts, burnt garlic oil, and crunchy nori seaweeds
Broth, mushrooms and the noodles were not all bad, but they were too salty. I wanted to add water to ramen. It was salty, but the broth was delicious.

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

– Known as tasting menu in Europe, omakase (lit, “I’ll leave it up to you”) is a selection of the best ingredients of the day, carefully chosen and served in the right types of sushi.
1 nigiri, 1 temari
First plates were oyster mushroom and pickled daikon. Oyster mushroom was sweet. Pickled daikon was also delicious.

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

2 gunkan maki
Maki with spinach mixed in peanut sauce and maki with chickpea paste on it. I had to open my mouth wide to eat at once, but it was delicious.

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

1 cake, 3 hosomaki
It was cake with avocado, chickpea, and wakame. I think it was a braised eggplant down there. It was really soft. It just disappeared in my mouth.
And it was hosomaki with avocado and turnip.

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

4 uramaki
It was a uramaki with a sweet chili sauce with mango, cucumber, burdock root, carrot and white sauce (I felt like tofu and perilla powder was in it.).

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

5 futomaki
There were cucumber, mushroom, sprout, vegetable tempura, lettuce, carrot, and seaweed. It was delicious.

 Youmiko Vegan Sushi
Okimari sets (Omakase)

1 inari
It was a sweet inari sushi. Inside were rice, banana, pomegranate seeds, and citrus peel.
It was expensive, but it was good to eat various kinds of sushi. Sushi with fruit was a new experience. In fact, every time food was served staff told me what was in it, but I didn’t get half of it…

Peanut butter bowl

Blend banana, peanut butter granola
Peanut butter granola was really delicious. It wasn’t hard and it was crispy. Nice cream was really delicious, too. On top of the banana, there was a coconut sugar. There were also cacao nibs and coconut chips.

Lokal Vegan Bistro
Millet cheesecake pudding

Caramelized pear, sugar coated walnut, chocolate
Pudding tasted sweet and sour yogurt. It’s a pudding made of millet, so it’s grainy. It wasn’t even moist. It was delicious though. Pear, walnut, chocolate on top were good.

Lokal Vegan Bistro
Fried cutlet (spring edition)

Mashed potatoes, spring salad, soy sour cream
Sour cream on the salad tasted as clean as greek yogurt. Mashed potatoes were soft and slightly salty. Cutlet was delicious but too hard. It was hard to cut.

Lokal dela krem (The restaurant Dela Cream)
Coffee cherry cake, Cream horn

It was a cake with coffee, poppy seed, cherry and coconut. The texture was interesting because there were many poppy seeds. Coffee cream and cherries were really delicious.
Cream horn was like tart crust horn. Horn was soft. There was a lot of sweet cream inside. It was really delicious.

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