What I ate in Vilnius, Lithuania (Vegan)

Lemon pie

Pie filling moved like jelly. Yellow part was like mango and lemon jelly, and the white part was like lemon vanilla jelly. It was refreshing.
And I’ll tell you in advance. I ate a lot of cake. I’m sorry if you don’t like cake.

Chickpea caramel cake

Chocolate cream on top was delicious. But cake wasn’t my style. I didn’t like it. It didn’t taste like hummus, but it was like eating hummus.

RoseHip Vegan Bistro
Mini jack (starter)

Mini bun with grains, cashew sauce, jackfruit with brown mushrooms, homemade tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce
It was a small burger. It was so cute and delicious. Crispy potatoes were good. Beetroot ketchup was real delicacy.

RoseHip Vegan Bistro
Buckwheat with pumpkin and feta (Buddha bowl)

Buckwheat, cucumber, radishes, vegan feta, baked pumpkin, beetroot, spinach, crispy almonds, peanut butter sauce
Vegan feta cheese was coconut cheese. It was soft and delicious. And all the other ingredients were delicious. But the food was very very very salty. After eating, I had to drink a lot of water.

RoseHip Vegan Bistro
Panna cotta with coconut milk

I really like pudding. Coconut pudding, mango, goji berry and mint were all good.

Homemade spinach pasta Primavera with broccoli and non-dairy cream sauce

Zucchini, tomato, arugula, olive oil, Vegan parmesan cheese (cashew nut), green bean
Pasta was chewy. It was milk pasta rather than cream pasta. And I could only feel the taste of pepper, arugula and olive oil.

Chaika Cafe No.2
Snickers cake

I really liked caramel on top. It tasted like that caramel in caramel ice cream. Peanut cream under the caramel was also good. Underneath peanut cream was a thick chocolate cream. Underneath it was a cream that looked like a mixture of chocolate cream and peanut cream. I liked this part best.

Vegan kibins, Old fashioned homemade lemonade (small)

It was like eating a big dumpling. The food was on display in the refrigerator. It was like eating a cold dumpling. It wasn’t my style, but it wasn’t bad.
This lemonade was really good. It was really refreshing.

Big Momo

Fried and steamed dumplings with soy meat and cabbage stuffing. With saucy dip and vegetables.
I thought it was savoury dumpling, but it was sweet. And the sauce is not salty. It was good to dip in the sauce. Whenever I got tired of dumpling, I ate cucumber and radish.

Caramel coffee cake, Blueberry cheesecake

Caramel on top was really rich and delicious. Cake sheet was very moist and coffee cream was really good.
It was really nice because cheesecake crust was a cookie. In the meantime, I ate too much crust made with dates and nuts. The problem was that the crust was too wet. But the cheese part was good. It tasted like a sweet and sour blueberry yogurt.

Panini with soy chili and vegan cheese

Panini, soy chili, BBQ sauce, spinach, tomato, jalapeño, pepper, coriander, vegan cheese
There were cucumber, pumpkin seed, balsamic glaze, sesame seed, tomato, radish, pesto, zucchini, pickle, salad leaf, paprika, arugula, and celery in the salad. I thought chef put all kinds of vegetables in the kitchen.
There was also a tartar sauce.
Panini was really crispy. It was best panini I’ve ever had. Inside panini were also corn, beans, paprika, and pickles. By the way, pickle was really good.

Blueberry cardamom pie

The pie filling was similar to blueberry cheesecake. It tasted like cardamom in a cheesecake. The pie crust was a crispy chocolate cookie. And cream at the top was really good.

Brownie, Pumpkin Pie

It was a really thick brownie. It was sticky. There was peanut cream in the middle. It was delicious.
Cream on top was really moist. It was delicious with pomegranate seeds and pumpkin seeds on it. The pie filling was really good, too. It was not a texture like pudding, but it was delicious like eating pumpkin pudding.

Casa La Familia
Italian style

Homemade tomato sauce, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, red onions, brown mushrooms, oregano, olive oil, vegan cheese
This is a restaurant for children. It was the first time I saw so many children in a restaurant. It would be nice to know.
There are three kinds of vegan pizza here. I wasn’t attracted to all three, so I chose another pizza. This pizza is not vegan pizza, but it can be made into vegan pizza. Pizza that can be made into vegan is marked on the menu. Pizza was not that good. The tomato sauce is too sour that day.

Casa La Familia
Homemade lemonade

Citrus fruit drink (Non carbonated)
It had blueberry, mint, and lemon and was sweet. But it tasted like water in lemonade.

Chaika Cafe No.2
Caramel cheesecake

It was similar to blueberry cheesecake. It tasted like yogurt. Between cheese and the crust, there was a date paste.

Chaika Cafe No.2
Caramel coffee cake

It’s the only cake I’ve eaten twice. It’s my favorite cake. Caramel and coffee cream are really good.

ZATAR falafel & hummus
Original plate

Hummus, tabouleh, aubergine, couscous salad, vegetables, 1/2 pita bread, sauce
The falafel was really crispy. The taste of falafel was fine. Hummus tasted sour. It wasn’t because of the lemon juice. It tasted just like fermented hummus. I chose tahini sauce out of 4 sauces. It’s sour, too.
You can’t see it in the picture, but the cranberry couscous salad under pita bread was not bad. The celery tabouleh at the front was the best. Salad on the right was also good because it was not sour.

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