What I ate in Riga, Latvia (Vegan)

Pesto pasta with tomatoes, pine nuts and vegan parmesan

There’s a lot of vegan parmesan and pine nuts on it. I think it was the first time I ate so many pine nuts at once. And I’d like some more basil in the pesto. I was bored because there was only green oil.

Daily cake (Snickers), Chocomint smoothies

Next to the cake, There’s strawberries, blackberries, redcurrants, blueberries, and bananas. Cake was a sticky texture. It’s not an admirable taste, but it’s not bad.
The smoothies had dates, mint, almond milk, cocoa, spiraling, vanilla exstract. It tasted more like almond milk than cacao and mint. But it was sweet and delicious.

Terapija Vegan Cafe

There are so many kinds of desserts here. There were 13 kinds of cakes that day. I’ve never seen a restaurant that sells so many different cakes. I looked at the refrigerator for a long time.
This cake has cream between the pastries. It was soggy, so it was a bit uncomfortable to eat only with a fork, but it was delicious.

Terapija Vegan Cafe
Soy fillet

Soy fillet in tempura with sautéed sauerkraut and boiled-baked potatoes
It was the first time to eat fry a Soy fillet like a tempura. It wasn’t good enough to recommend, but it wasn’t bad.

Terapija Vegan Cafe
Vasaras ogu kūka

I was full, but I wanted to eat it. It was delicious. I liked the berry jelly on top. And cake sheet and cream were all good. By the way I was embarrassed when I ordered the cake because it was hard to pronounce it.

Mego, Veikals
Latvijas maiznieks Maizinš dārzenu, Mandarin

They don’t sell vegan cream cheese or hummus. So I only bought bread, but it was good. I love soft bread.
This Mandarin was the worst. It was painful to peel. It didn’t taste very good either.

Mazā Terapija
Valentino, Spinach pastry (I can’t read the original name.)

Terapija Vegan Cafe and this cafe seem to be run by the same person. The cake was the same. There were many kinds of cakes, And they also sold rolls and pastry.
It was a really delicious chocolate cake. It was moist and sweet.
The pastry was as crispy as I wanted. There were spinach and tofu inside. It was delicious.

Mazā Terapija
Pumpkin-coconut milk cream soup

It wasn’t a smooth soup. I like everything regardless of texture. Bread and soup were delicious.

Mazā Terapija
Split pea patties with oven baked potatoes

Potatoes were salty and oily, but good. There was a pesto on the salad. Pea patties tasted like falafel.

Bhajan Cafe

This cake was really crispy. Pastry at the bottom was crispy, too. Vanilla cream was also delicious. I wondered why the dish was big, but there was a reason. The pastry was so crispy that bread crumbs were everywhere.

Bhajan Cafe
Homemade bread and spread (I forgot the name of this spread.)

Homemade bread and spread are rich in spices. There was a carrot in the bread. The spread is like a hummus, but it has a lot of spices.

Bhajan Cafe
Chickpea and sun dried tomato cheeseburger with tzatziki sauce, served with fresh salad, fried potatoes and tomato salsa

Potatoes were really delicious. It’s a wedge-shaped french fries. There was pesto sauce on the salad. Berger was all good except for cheese. The coconut cheese itself was delicious. I think it would be better to melt the cheese a little.

Bhajan Cafe

I couldn’t forget the cake I ate yesterday, so I went to this restaurant again. This cake was left over from yesterday. It wasn’t crispy so it wasn’t cut well. But it was good to eat again.

Bhajan Cafe
Pasta “Primavera” in creamy sauce with zucchini, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Pasta was an al dente. The salty cream sauce was delicious. It tasted good with pine nut and spinach. When I eat cream pasta, that means is I like to eat something greasy. I felt really greasy when I finished eating.

Stockmann Herkku Groceries
Alpro Sweet creamy caramel dessert, Alpro Heavenly velvet vanilla dessert, Berief Bio sojaghurt (Mango Maracuja)

I always wondered what it would taste like when I saw alpro dessert. However, I didn’t actually buy it until now. As expected, the taste was artificial, but it was okay. It was delicious to eat with bread purchased from Mego. Yogurt with mango and passion fruit was also delicious.

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