What I ate in Helsinki, Finland + Tallinn, Estonia (Vegan)

Provamel Soya vanilla, Lenny & Larry’s Choc-o-Mint Cookie

Lenny & Larry’s cookie is always big. It was so soft that I felt like eating chocolate cake. It was a really delicious cookie for me because I love mint flavor. Vanilla soy milk was also good.

Oriental Bowl

Lime, kale, quinoa, lentil, pickled carrot, tempeh, seaweed, hummus, pickled red cabbage, sprout, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, sauce (It was a little spicy)
If you like sour food, you can eat it well. I don’t like it because there are so many pickled vegetables.

Alepa (Forum Shopping mall)
Oululainen reissumies bread, iLO hummus original

Both bread and hummus were really delicious. It was really nice to have a vegan label on the Hummus. Finnish is really difficult.

Alepa Hämeentie
Valio oddlygood Kaurajuoma tumma kaakao, Kaslink aito Kaura-välipala hilla

Both products were purchased after using google translator. I was really worried because the product didn’t have any vegan label on it. The cacao oat milk was delicious. Yogurt is a little strange. I was surprised because yogurt smelled like a hospital. But the taste was good.

Bun2Bun (6K, Kampin Keskus)
French Fries, The cheese burger, Aioli

Patty was really juicy. There was a lot of smoked flavor, so it was really good. Rugula, cheese, sauce, everything was good. French fries were also crispy and moist.

K-Supermarket (Kampin Keskus)
Pirkka blueberry, Fazer Juuresleipä, Planti oat drink, Fazer Yosa citrus yogurt

Blueberries were really delicious. I liked the feeling of blueberries popping when I bite. The bread was delicious, too. Oat drinks weren’t good. The taste was too bland. Yogurt was amazing. It tastes like a regular vegan yogurt, but the texture was a pudding.

Johnny cashew

Cashew cheese sauce, avocado, red bell pepper, relish, basil
The taste was really good. I almost wanted to eat it again. But bread was harder than I thought. So, sauce and avocado popped out every time I took a bite. It was delicious though.

Salad buffet & Pink beet soup with coconut

The price depends on the weight of the salad. The salad tasted healthy as a whole. That beet soup was really delicious.

Salad bar

Pink beet soup with coconut
Romanesco dijou-zucchini pickled onions
Gluten-free mung bean pasta organic pea tempeh leek artichoke
Cauliflower almond flakes pomegranate
Green salad
Oatly oat fraiche pickles carrot salmon dill
Tomato fennel celery
Organic beans tarragon carrots kale
Seed Paste
And two kinds of bread

Bun2Bun (6K, Kampin Keskus)
Bun2Bun Club

Mustard, juicy burger patty, onion, tomato, chili sauce, mayonnaise
The burger I ate yesterday was so delicious that I went again. This burger is delicious, too. But I prefer cheese burger.

K-Supermarket (Kampin Keskus)
Mö kaurajogu Mustikka-kardemumma (Blueberry-cardamom)

It’s not bad. It was more like a blueberry yogurt than a blueberry-cardamom.

I went to Tallinn. Helsinki and Tallin are close. I rode Eckero Line. I left for Tallinn at 9 a.m. and arrived in Helsinki at 9 p.m. If you’re traveling to Helsinki, think about it.

Vegan Restoran V (Tallinn, Estonia)
Oven roasted pepper walnut and chickpea burger with oven roasted carrot and turnip

Inside the burger were tomato, lettuce, pineapple, burger patty, shredded vegan cheese and mayonnaise. Carrot and turnip are quite oily. Everything was good except that.

Vegan Restoran V (Tallinn, Estonia)
Winter holiday bun

Inside the bun, there is raspberry jam. There was whipped cream on the top, so it was really delicious. It was hard to eat with a fork, so I gave up and ate it with my hands.

Vegan Inspiratsioon (Tallinn, Estonia)
Chanterelle risotto

zucchini, green beans, onion and coconut cream
There are also mushroom and carrot in the risotto, too. Balsamic glaze, tomato, hemp-seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, and poppy seed were decorated on the rim of the plate. The risotto was very creamy and delicious.

Vegan Inspiratsioon (Tallinn, Estonia)
Salty-caramel cheesecake

It was my style to have a lot of lemon juice in it. The caramel part was really delicious.

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