What I ate in Stockholm, Sweden (Vegan)

Salad bar

This place was heaven. If you pay, you get a plate. I can eat as much as I want to use that plate.

hummus, hot habanero sauce, beetroot salad, couscous salad, indonesisk noodle salad, garden salad, very cool slaw, herb mayo, blomkal (cauliflower) rice salad

This is where the salad and dressing are. Not in the picture, but there are more salads and dressing (lentil salad, quinoa salad, rúcula dressing, zucchini pesto salad, lin gon berries vinegrete, pasta salad).
I liked indonesisk noodle salad, blomkal (cauliflower) rice salad, pasta salad the best. lentil salad, quinoa salad, couscous salad were tasteless.

Smördeg rulle (lentil), Vegan butter, Tapenade

I like crispy things. smördeg rulle was really delicious at the end than in the middle.


Hot foods were lasagna, shepherds pie, herb roasted root vegetable, garlic sautéed green beans, fragrant rice, mexican mole, vegetable & rice noodle wok.
That lasagna’s bechamel sauce was really delicious.


There were many kinds of dessert, too.

Supermarket Cajsa Warg Södermalm (Mandarin)
Coop Nytorgsgatan (Planti Yog-oat)

Mandarin is always delicious. And I’ve never had a yog-oat before and it was okay. I just tasted it and put it in the hostel refrigerator. (I put a label on it.) The next day I checked, someone stole it. I was so sad.

The Plant – Food that works
Cheezy burger, Spiced potatoes

Cheezy burger: Med sallad, pickles, rödlök & the plant mayo
First, the bean and red cabbage salad on the far left are free. It made me happy before I eat it. Both potatoes and burgers tasted good.

Mahalo (Hornsgatan 61)
Green goddess burger, Mango chia pudding

Green goddess burger: Soy burger served in a bun with green goddess dressing, avocado, crispy salad, pickled red onion and alfalfa sprouts. Served with gingerslaw, sweet potato fries and dip.

This is my favorite restaurant in Stockholm. First, the bread and sauce on the left are free. There was that grain bread and white bread. And that sweet potato fries were really amazing. It was the most delicious sweet potato fries I have ever eaten. Burgers, sauces, salads, everything were perfect.
Chia pudding was just normal.

Choco overnight oats

GF oats with cacao, banana, sunflower seeds, granola, fruit
The overnight oats had kiwi, granola, pomegranate, coconut, mint and blueberry on it. It was really delicious because I didn’t expect it at all.

Coop Zinken
Mandarin, Gourmet tranbär

I wanted to have a snack, so I bought mandarin and bread. Again, I used google translator to choose bread. Mandarin was good because it tasted similar to Korean tangerine. And bread was hard but really delicious.


Lasagna has tofu in it. It was good. Tomato sauce and cheese on top were also good. Salad (mung bean sprout, kale, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and lime) were also large in quantity. Plus, it was really nice to have some fruit (mandarin, grape).


This store sells a wide variety of vegan food. This cheesecake seemed to be ‘food heaven lemon dairy free dessert’. It is sold in a frozen section in the store. I liked this cake.

Salad bar

That bread was delicious that day, so I ate a lot.

Salad and dressing menu

It was good to have a menu.

Salad bar

There’s a soup behind the bread. Behind the hot food is a salad.

Salad bar

It looks a little dirty because I have to keep using same plate. But it didn’t matter to me.

Surdegsfralla valnöt, Säsongens fralla, Surdegsfralla med frön

The bread on the left has a walnut in it. The bread in the middle contained root vegetables and seeds on top. The bread on the right was topped with poppy seeds. It was all delicious, but it was little salty.

Mahalo (Odengatan 26)

Glass noodle salad with peanut sauce, tofu, avocado, red cabbage, carrot, marinated broccoli and a mango salsa with green onion, chili, lime and coriander. Topped with peanuts, sesame seeds.
If you like peanut sauce and coriander, I recommend it. It was really delicious. Everything was good.

Mahalo (Hornsgatan 61)
Ch**se burger

Soy burger served in a bun with vegan bacon and ch**se, chili mayonnaise, tomatoes, avocado, pickled red onion, sambal and crispy salad. Served with gingerslaw, sweet potato fries and dip.
The bacon was really crispy and sweet. Chili mayonnaise was really good. It was delicious when I ate it with sweet potato fries and bread (free bread).

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