What I ate in Oslo, Norway (Vegan)

The Juicery Eger
Snickers Chia

Chocolate chia with peanut caramel sauce
Chocolate chia was not special because it tasted like chocolate milk with chia seed. But I liked Peanut caramel sauce. Kakao nips, raspberry, and peanut are on it, so I enjoyed it.

Meny (Oslo city)
Alpro Mango protein yogurt, Eldorado Chunky hummus, Eldorado Pita bread

That yogurt wasn’t as good as I thought. But it was okay.
I didn’t mean to buy a pita bread. I couldn’t buy other breads because I couldn’t read Norwegian. I could buy this because google translator translated it well. It was delicious to eat with chunky hummus.


Base: farro (or greens)
3 Sides: sweet pumpkin, cheesy potatoes, citrus beets (or spicy carrots, red cabbage)
Dressing: aioli (or hot sauce, kale pesto, crunch)
I put sweet pumpkin, cheesy potatos, citrus beets, aioli dressing on the farro base. All the food was delicious.

Life (Oslo City)
Eat real Quinoa chips (sour cream & chives), Quinoa puffs (white cheddar)

Before I ate it, I thought the quinoa puffs would be better. But when I ate it, the quinoa chips were really good.

Enchilada, Arancini, Couscous salad, brussel sprouts, Beetroot, Deep fried oyster mushroom, Sweet potato, Hummus, Cashew nuts

It’s like a buffet. I chose what I wanted to eat and paid as much as I chose. I paid a lot of money for being greedy. I really liked the enchilada sauce. There’s coconut cream in the sauce. I want to eat enchilada again.

Chocolate mousse

It would have been good if I ate it when I was hungry.

Meny (Oslo city)
Alpro Vanilla yogurt, Redcurrant

Vanilla yogurt was always delicious, and redcurrant was sour and sweet.

The Veggie Show
Veggie’s avocado bun burger

Avocado buns, bean burger, crispy coconut bacon, tomato, red onions & hollandaise sauce, served with triple dip nachos
There were so many avocados. There was an avocado under burger patty, and avocado in guacamole. I liked burger and nacho.

Life Foodstore Grünerløkka
Abbot Kinney’s Coco frostick

Belgian chocolate, Coconut frozen yoghurt
I really liked the fresh tangy yoghurt cultures. And I liked the sound of chocolate breaking when I bite ice cream.

KIWI Storgata
Dates, Alpro Coconut milk

I bought some sweet dates and coconut milk. It was really delicious.

Funky Fresh Foods

It’s not that good…

Funky Fresh Foods

Lasagne with grilled aubergine and garlicky spinach. Serves with foccacia and a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette.
First of all, I was surprised that there was so much food. Bread, sauce, salad, and lasagna were all delicious. The lasagna had spinach and eggplant on it, so it was more delicious.

KIWI Storgata
Eldorado Pita bread, Oatly garlic cucumber oat spread, Mandarin, Dates

I wanted to try garlic cucumber oat spread, so I had to buy another pita bread. It was charming because it contained cucumber. And mandarin is delicious in any country.

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