What I ate in Reykjavík, Iceland (Vegan)

WOW air
Vegan falafel meal

I also bought an airline meal when I booked my plane ticket. It was really delicious than I thought. Can you see the falafel glistening? It was sprinkled with sweet sauce. There was barley on the bottom. On top of the barley were falafel, beat, black sesame, sweet potato and chickpea. It was a satisfying meal.

Kaffi Vínyl

Tomato based sauce, vegetables, béchamel sauce, spinach, cashew cheese, green pesto, garlic bread
I didn’t like lasagna. The bread was too hard, too. The salad was good, but the chickpea on the salad was soggy.

Kaffi Vínyl
Lemon cheesecake

First of all, I’ve never had such a small slice cake. It was even more shocking because the price was too high. I was disappointed because the taste was not good.

Oatly Oat spread

I think it’d be nice to buy this when you want to eat cream cheese. I put it on bread and it was really good. It wasn’t salty.

Olís (Helluvað)
Ferskt fresh frais frisk – Veggies with avocado hummus

Red pepper, red onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce & avocado hummus
I stopped by the rest area during the south coast tour. This sandwich is also available at the Krabbunt, airport. The price was expensive, but it was delicious.

Restaurant Geysir Glima
Salad, potato, Vegetable curry, Steamed vegetable, Olive, Broccoli

I visited Gyesir on a Golden Circle tour. I thought about what to eat for lunch. I was walking around and found a salad bar. It was delicious.

Veggie burger

Blackbean burger served with sweet potato fries and spicy mayo
It’s a gluten free burger. There’s a gluten free bread under the patty. I really enjoyed it.


It’s not an admirable taste, but it was good.

Cafe in Reykjavík Art Museum Kjarvalsstaðir

I went to the art museum, and they sold a vegan cake at the cafe. It was my birthday, so I ate a lot of cake. The cake is really delicious!

Smurstodin (Harpa)
Chocolate peanut butter cake

They also sell vegan cakes at a cafe in Harpa. It’s quite large. It’s full of chocolate and peanut butter. It’ll be nice to have tea or coffee with it.

Spicy seitanic burger

Seitan & Black bean burger with caramelized onion, cheese, pickled cucumber, tomato, lettuce, garlic mayonæs, pickled relish, wasabi seed bun
First of all, I couldn’t hold this burger with my hands. The bread is all torn. It wasn’t a plate, so I couldn’t even cut it with a knife. So I ate it with a fork. The burger is sweet. It tasted unexpected. Overall, it was delicious.

Berry crumble cake with Vanilla custard

Tart & sweet oat crumble with creamy vanilla sauce
The cake tastes predictable. But when the creamy vanilla sauce goes up, it’s different. The creamy vanilla sauce was really delicious.

Oatly Orange mango drink

I like oatly. I’ve never seen this product before, so I’ve tried it. The packaging was so cute. It tasted good, too.

Súpa Reykjavík
Avocado roll (half), Malaysian

Avocado Roll has a lot of avocado in it. It was really tasty. And this place usually serve bread with the soup. But she doesn’t know if the bread is a vegan or not. Both foods were really delicious.

Oumph bowl

Mixed salad, whole-wheat pasta, oumph, broccoli salad, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, spicy mayo, roasted coconut flakes
It’s my first time eating Oumph and it’s really tough. My jaw hurt so much after I finished eating. Spicy Mayo is delicious, so whatever you put in it will be delicious.

Bónus (Kjörgarður)
Almond dream Salted caramel ice cream, Rice dream Rice milk

They can’t be bad. I can’t skip ice cream just because it’s cold. I enjoyed it.

Kaffi Vínyl
Cold breakfast burrito
Kaffi Vínyl
Cold breakfast burrito

Hummus, grilled vegetables, vegan garlic mayo, greens
There’s a lot of Hummus in there. I think they can add less Hummus. It tasted good.

Thai bowl

Mixed salad, vegetable spaghetti, oumph, edamame, thai salad, pineapple, avocado, goma dressing, salted peanuts
The vegetable spaghetti was too thick to eat. It was hard to chew oumph that day, too. Everything was good except that. Pineapples, avocados, peanuts all fit in well.

Heilsuhusid (Laugavegur 20b)
Booja-booja Raspberry ripple, Caramel pecan praline

* The Gló is on the second floor and this store is on the first floor.
I was shaking because it was cold. I wanted to eat it while watching the sea, but it was too cold. But ice cream is always right.

Mathus (Keflavík International Airport)
Vegan mexican wrap, Floridana multi fruit juice

This store sold a few vegan food. The taste wasn’t bad, but the food wasn’t fresh because it’s been a long time since it was made. Besides this, you can buy fruit, a vegan oumph salad, and vegan sandwich.

Gourmet falafel salad

Falafel, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, fresh salad, leaves, red cabbage, sweet patatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and a hummus dressing
I didn’t order this airline meal in advance. I was able to buy this on board. The salad was shaken up. At first, I didn’t even know there was a dressing. But it was really good.

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