What I ate in Dublin, Ireland (Vegan)

Original vish

It was nice because the outside was crispy. The sauce was delicious and the seaweed on the top was so cute.

M & S FOODHALL (Jervis Shopping Centre)
M&S Coconut pot

Mango & passion fruit
If you like coconut, mango and passion fruit, there will be no better yogurt than this.

Take A Veg
Fries, Ranch, Luther burger, Peanut butter doughnut

Luther burger: No-bull patty, sautéed onions, melted cheddar, yellow mustard, grilled homemade bacon, glazed donuts as buns
It’s the first time I’ve had a burger with glazed donuts as buns. It was a new experience. I think it was a bit too much to eat alone. But I ate it all well.
Donut was a bit oily. Besides that, it was great.

Pizza roll

To be honest, it wasn’t that good. The bread was tough and tasteless…


The potato was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Berger was fine.

SPAR (Dame St)
Veg out detox juice

Avocado, apple, mint, lime, cucumber, spinach
It was refreshing. I felt guilty because I ate only junk food and didn’t eat a lot of vegetables every day. I had to buy some juice.

Tesco Express(Thomas St)
Rhythm 108 Sweet’n’salty almond, Rhythm 108 Hazelnut praline

Sweet’n’salty almond: Swiss mylk chocolate bar with oat & almond butter filling
Hazelnut praline: Swiss Dark chocolate bar with praline oat & quinoa filling
Chocolate and filling were really delicious.

Beast Eatery
Monster burger

Burger was delicious. But I’ve never had such a hard burger patty in my life. I was afraid my teeth would fall out.

M&S Food Hall (Grafton Street)
Mango & watermelon, Still lemonade

Mango and watermelon are always delicious. I can eat unripe mango well. And of course, lemonade was delicious.

Lidl (Thomas St)
Alesto Nut mix, Alesto Cacao & orange

The nut was soggy. On the other hand, Cacao & Orange was really good.

M&S Food Hall (Grafton Street)
Alpro plain yogurt, M&S plant kitchen lasagne, M&S plant kitchen cashew mac

Alpro yogurt is no different from cow’s milk yogurt. It was comforting to me that in the past I liked yogurt.
I expected lasagne but it wasn’t as good as I thought. The cashew mac was more delicious.
Both products need to be baked in the oven. But I was happy to be able to buy this kind of food. Ireland seems to have a lot of vegan.

M&S plant kitchen cashew mac

I really like macaroni, cream sauce and mushrooms. It’s not a restaurant’s quality, but it was really good.

Dunnes Stores (Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre)
Nush caramel & hibiscus, Donut peach, Freaks choc caramel cheesecake

Whenever I go to the mart, I always look out for yogurt. There is a brand that I have never seen before, so I bought it. Compared to the yogurt I’ve eaten in the past, I don’t think it’s good.
It’s also the first time I’ve eaten donut peach. It was sweet and crunch.
And choc caramel cheesecake was really awesome.

The Rolling Donut (South King Street)
Lemon & poppy seed

The donut wasn’t greasy. So I enjoyed it.

Sova Vegan Butcher
Tagliatelle with creamy spinach and portobello mushroom sauce

I really love cream pasta. I have tried cream pasta in many places in the past. This cream pasta is one of the most delicious. I want to eat it again.

Fresh The Good Food Market
Alpro Soya Strawberry, Bunalun Rice drink, Sojade so soya Lemon yogurt

I bought strawberry milk because it’s been so long since I haven’t had it. I remembered when I was a child.
The hostel breakfast had cereal. But there was only cow’s milk. Usually, I can eat with fruit juice. But there was no juice, too. So I bought rice milk. I was happy every morning.
And that lemon yogurt was really good!

The Rolling Donut (34 Bachelors Walk)
Vegan Dub

A rich and luxurious vegan chocolate ganache coating with a delicious vanilla custard filling
It tasted like instant custard. But It was delicious, so I bought this donut 3 times.

Fresh The Good Food Market
Salad bar

I really like this salad bar. Spiralized butternut squashes and spiralized sweet potato were especially the best. The salad here was all fresh and delicious. I choose bean salad, falafel, beat, corn, avocado, couscous salad, curry rice salad, beet hummus and chickpea salad. And I put a mix leaf salad under the salad.

The Rolling Donut (South King Street)
Vegan peanut butter chocolate, Vanilla glaze with pistachio, Vegan Ferrero Rocher

Vegan peanut butter chocolate: Nutshed raw peanut butter, vegan chocolate custard, vegan ganache
Vegan Ferrero Rocher: Rich vegan chocolate, chopped hazelnuts, coconut milk, vegan ganache
Ferrero roacher really tasted like ferrero roacher. I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat ferrero roacher after I became vegan. I was so happy.

M&S Food Hall (Grafton Street)
M&S plant kitchen Mushroom pie, M&S plant kitchen Roasted mushroom stroganoff

The pie was really delicious. It was especially good because it wasn’t salty.
Stroganoff was bad. Cauliflower rice was raw. It was like having a raw cauliflower even if heated in the microwave.

Cafe sol in Dunnes Stores (Ilac Shopping Centre)
Strawberry hibiscus tea

In Egypt, when they drink tea, they put sugar in it. When I drink this tea in Egypt, it was so nice. There was this tea at the hostel breakfast, so I drink it every day.

Dunnes Stores (Ilac Shopping Centre)
Salad bar

I picked bean salad, couscous salad, pasta salad, etc. The salad on the Dunnes Stores salad bar is delicious, but almost all salads are oily.

M&S Food Hall (Jervis Shopping Centre)
M&S plant kitchen Margherita pizza, M&S plant kitchen Green Thai curry & jasmine rice

This pizza has to be packaged differently. The bottom of every box was soaked in oil. But pizza was delicious. Thai curry was not bad either.

Fresh The Good Food Market
Salad bar

I put a lot of salad in it. Especially I put a lot of Spiralized Vegetables. It was so fun to roll with a fork.

The Rolling Donut (South King Street)
Vegan coffee & walnut, Vegan vanilla glaze

I don’t eat coffee and walnut very well, but I tried it because it’s a vegan. Walnut kept falling so I had to eat slowly. Both donuts were delicious.

M&S Food Hall (Grafton Street)
M&S plant kitchen Sticky teriyaki tofu, Mango, M&S plant kitchen Cauliflower popcorn

Teriyaki tofu and Mango are both predictable taste.
Cauliflower popcorn was really awesome. It was crispy and moist inside.

Dunnes Stores (Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre)
Salad bar

Although it was greasy, I liked the variety of salads.

The Rolling Donut (South King Street)
Vegan dub, Vegan raspberry jam

As Valentine’s Day approached, the shape of the Vegan dub donut became a heart. It looked like a fat heart and it was so cute. The raspberry jam donut was good, too. Raspberry jam was sweet and sour.

M&S Food Hall (Grafton Street)
M&S plant kitchen No turkey feast, M&S plant kitchen Butternut squash & tabbouleh

Both of them were delicious, so I ate them well. No turkey meat was a typical vegan meat taste.

Dunnes Stores (Ilac Shopping Centre)
Alpro yogurt Blackcurrant elderflower, Pomegranate

It was no different from cow’s milk yogurt. It’s cheap, but it’s not bad.

Fresh The Good Food Market
Salad bar

The salad here is really delicious.

Fresh The Good Food Market
Sojade so soya Lemon yogurt

Oh, I want to eat this yogurt again.

The Rolling Donut (34 Bachelors Walk)
Vegan dub, Vanilla glaze

I think I ate too many donuts when I was in Dublin. My body must have hated me.

SPAR (Dame St)
Freshways Food Co Vegan onion bhaji & bombay aloo, Vegan falafel & hummus

Vegan onion bhaji & bombay aloo: In a turmeric tortilla with mixed salad & lime & chili chutney
Vegan falafel & hummus: On a seeded sandwich thin with persian style shiraz salad & baby leaf spinach
These two were really not my cup of tea. There was too much spice and salt.

w.h. smith (Dublin airport)
Clif bar Crunchy peanut butter, Nakd bar Lemon drizzle

I bought it at the airport because I was worried about what I could eat in Iceland. Clif bar and nakd bar do not disappoint me.

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