What I ate in La Digue, Seychelles (Vegan)

Fish Trap Restaurant & Bar
Vegetable noodle

I should’ve checked the name of the restaurant. I didn’t know the name of this restaurant was ‘Fish’ Trap. I went in because the atmosphere looked good. It was as expensive as the atmosphere was nice. It would have been better if it was delicious. People say that all the food in the Seychelles is tasteless. I didn’t know it would be this much.

Mimi’s Café
Papaya Juice

It’s the first time I’ve had papaya juice that doesn’t taste papaya.

Mimi’s Café
Pasta salad

Fusilli pasta, cucumber, paprika, cabbage
It was refreshing. But I don’t think I can recommend it.

Chez Jules Restaurant
Vegetable curry

I had to ride bike to get to the restaurant. There were many ups and downs. It was hard.
First, the sauce on the left was spicy. I got a runny nose after eating. Salad, curry, and rice were plentiful. When I finished eating, I was really full. It was a very satisfying meal. Of course, it was delicious.

Gala Takeaway
Vegetable curry

It wasn’t my favorite flavor. But it wasn’t a bad experience.

La Digue Pizzeria
Vegetable pizza (No cheese)

Tomato sauce, red onion, pineapple, mushroom, bell pepper, paprika
The dough was really thin and crispy. I liked it. I especially liked the chewy texture of mushrooms.

Rey & Josh Cafe Takeaway
Vegetable curry, Local lemon juice

That local lemon juice tastes really weird. I had a similar lemon drink at an Indian restaurant, it was better than that. Curry and salad were not bad.

Mi Mum’s Takeaway
Vegetable curry

I ate a lot of curry in La Digue. This restaurant was the best. It is because the taste was not bad even though the price was low. I really liked that Lentil curry.

Gregoire’s Pizzeria
Vegetable pizza (No cheese)

The dough is not crispy like La Digue Pizzeria. But there was a lot of vegetables, and the pizza dough was thick. It was delicious.

Gregoire’s Supermarket
Apple, Mandarine

As you may have noticed by the name, Gregoire’s Pizzzeria and Gregoire’s Supermarket are in the same building. I’ve been to this supermarket a lot. I can buy rice milk, cereal, fruit, and so on. I ate a lot of that mandarine while I was in La Digue. It was really sweet.

Mi Mum’s Takeaway
Vegetable curry

Again, I really loved Lentil curry. I think that’s why I went there again.

Takeaway Tarosa
Vegetable noodle

It was greasy. And the noodles weren’t chewy because it’s pre-cooked.

Mi Mum’s Takeaway
Vegetable curry

I wanted to eat Lentil curry, so I visited again. But that day was salad and fried vegetables instead of Lentil curry. I still miss the Lentil curry.

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