What I ate in Nelspruit, South Africa (Vegan)

Woolworths Nelspruit Crossing

Papaya, Tante anna (Brown bread)
Sparkling water, Mixed vegetable crisps, Vegan coronation coleslaw, Jalapeño vegan pasta salad, Cooked beetroot in vinaigrette, Summer bean salad, Rosa tomato salad, Basil pesto vegetable medley salad
Mango & pineapple juice, Mango, baobab & banana activated date bites, Spinach, sweetcorn & butter bean burger, Baby corn

When I was in South Africa, I loved going to Woolworths. It was really nice because the food was marked ‘Vegan’. So I tried to buy almost all the food that was labeled vegan. I’ve spent a lot of money. Everything was delicious.

Pick n Pay (i’langa Mall)
McCain aromatic savoury rice, Earth & co rice milk

I bought frozen fried rice. I guess I wanted to eat rice that day. The milk made from rice was really good, too. I was happy to eat it with peanut butter toast. I love rice milk.

Food Lover’s Market Nelspruit
Nakd cocoa coconut, Cashew cookie, Lemon drizzle, Cocoa delight, Pecan pie

The nakd bars are all delicious. I liked lemon drizzle the best.

Food Lover’s Market Nelspruit
Salad bar – Sweet potatoes, Steamed vegetables, Vegetables fried rice

I bought dinner at the salad bar. The zucchini on the right was really salty. Everything was fine except that.

Woolworths Nelspruit Crossing
English muffins, Fruit vegetable juice blend (carrot, apple, orange, ginger), Hummus

I bought a simple snack. I like Hummus. I picked the bread that looks like the least amount in woolworths. It doesn’t matter which bread I eat when I eat hummus.
The juice was nice, too. I like carrots in the juice. Maybe it’s because the color is pretty.

Woolworths Nelspruit Crossing

Coconut & rice milk, Low Gi (seed whole-wheat brown bread), Vegetable samoosas, Zamli dates, Falafel, Large seeded rolls
Papaya, Multigrain rolls

All the bread I bought at woolworth was good. Milk with coconut and rice was really delicious, too. If you like coconut cream, you’ll like it. Samoosas should be cooked using an oven. I think I could have cooked more until it was crispy on the outside. And the dates in the middle was the sweetest and softest dates I’ve ever eaten.

Panarottis Nelspruit (i’langa Mall)
Vegetarian + with vegan cheese

Cherry tomatoes, red onions, assorted peppers, mushrooms, pineapple
It didn’t look delicious, but it was really delicious. The pizza place is really awesome. They have vegan cheese. I have to pay extra, but it doesn’t matter.

Panarottis Nelspruit (i’langa Mall)
Mediterranean + with vegan cheese

Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto and fresh rocket
Olives, sun-dried tomatos are too salty. Especially Olives was so salty. I know I’m complaining that almost every food is salty. But that pizza was really salty.

Pick n Pay, Woolworths (i’langa Mall)

Fry’s 2 country mushroom pies, Still water, Rice milk (Woolworths), Baby leaf salad
Fry’s 2 pepper steak style pies, Baby corn (Woolworths), Yum Yum crunchy peanut butter
Fry’s 8 braai-style sausages, Fry’s 2 curry pies

There are Pick n Pay, Woolworths in i’langa Mall. I really liked the Pick n Pay frozen section. There are lots of vegan foods. As I always say, the pies are salty. And the rice milk is always good.

Clicks Pharmacy (i’langa Mall)
Doves Farm, Chocolate chip oat bar

I don’t expect good taste when I eat the oat bar. I just eat it when I’m hungry.

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