What I ate in Zanzibar, Tanzania (Vegan)

Joshi’s Vegetarian Food Court
8 Zanzibar mix urojo

I’ve had mango gravey, coconut chutney for the first time. It wasn’t a familiar taste, but it became more and more familiar. Especially cassava crisp, peanut was very crispy and crunchy, it was really good. The amount seemed small, but it was quite a satisfying meal.

Radha Food House
Spring rolls

4pcs per plate with coconut and papaya sauce
The spring roll was crispy. But it’s too salty. I had to drink lots of water. By the way, that papaya sauce was really delicious.

Radha Food House
Chana tikka masala

Chick peas cooked with Zanzibar spices
Even though I finished rice and chapati, I couldn’t finish the curry. Because it was spicy and salty. I tried to eat as much as I could…

Buni Cafe
Papaya juice

This papaya juice was the best papaya juice I’ve ever tasted. But the second and third papaya juice was bad. It was too sweet because they put too much sugar in it.


The tour guide gave it to me, so I tried it. I’ve never seen such a small cucumber before. That cucumber was cute and sweet.

Lukmaan Restaurant
Chapati, Vegetable curry

To be honest, it wasn’t that good. The chapati and vegetable curry are too greasy.

Lukmaan Restaurant
Pineapple passion fruit juice

I didn’t like it.

Taarab Restaurant
Vegetable curry

It was the most delicious dish I had at Zanzibar. There was more cilantro in the food than I thought, but it was not bad. It is a restaurant in a hotel. So the price is expensive. But it was as good as expensive.

Radha Food House
Samosa, Cauliflower tikka masala

It was not salty unlike spring roll, so I ate it deliciously. Curry was also less salty than chana tikka masala. In fact, if you don’t like greasy food, I don’t recommend it.

Best Western Plus Zanzibar – Rooftop cafe
Passion fruit juice

When it’s hot, I like to drink passion fruit juice. It’s really refreshing.


It’s a drink with mint and lemon, but I don’t remember the name.
Actually, I also ordered a vegan burger. (You should tell her not to put cheese in.) I didn’t have time to eat at the cafe, so I asked her to take out. When I opened it, it was a beef burger. I’m the one who hates throwing away food, but I threw it away. I was so sad.

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