Vegan Airline meals I ate while traveling to Africa (8 Airlines)

Emirate Airlines
Seoul – Dubai

I had a stopover in Dubai before going to Cape Town. The first meal was vegetables, rice, and fried tofu. On the side, cucumber and tomato salad. For dessert, I ate melon, pineapple, watermelon, and grapes.

Emirate Airlines
Seoul – Dubai

The second meal was mushroom porridge. Various kinds of berry jam and fruits (watermelon, pineapple, and melon) were served as desserts.

Emirate Airlines
Dubai – Cape Town

I can also have two meals on a flight from Dubai to Cape Town. The first meal is a light meal. At first, they gave me pizza with cheese made from cow’s milk. Luckily, I noticed. I asked for a vegan pizza. I never thought I’d eat vegan pizza as an airline meal. It was really good. Because I really like pizza.

Emirate Airlines
Dubai – Cape Town

The second meal was pancakes, blueberry jam, bread and fruit (melon, strawberry, grapefruit). There was cream inside the pancake. I think it was custard cream. The pancakes were soft and delicious.

Air Namibia
Windhoek (Namibia) – Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

It was a vegetarian meal. The meal itself is a vegan, so it’s okay. But that butter is not vegan.
I never had a cold airline meal before. It was quite new to me.
There were potato fries and salads. The cucumber, tomato salad was really fresh. It was so crunchy. Other salad was barley, carrots, bean, and corn salad. It was a little salty.

Ethiopian Airlines
Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) – Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

This airline doesn’t give me vegan butter, either. I skipped butter.
I ate lentil curry, rice, and vegetables with tomato sauce. On the side, I had a bean salad mixed with mustard sauce. And there’s bread, crackers, and fruit.

Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) – Zanzibar (Tanzania)

The second meal was similar. I ate vegetables made with tomato sauce, rice, and lentil curry.

South African Airways
Maputo (Mozambique) – Johannesburg (South Africa)

It was a short flight, so they gave me a simple meal. I ate a sandwich made with yellow paprika, carrots, pickles. And I drank orange juice.

Air Seychelles
Johannesburg (South Africa) – Seychelles

This meal was really delicious. The chickpea curry was good, and the cashew nuts were really sweet. I think it was a cauliflower on the right. It was really good. Paprika salad was greasy. Fruit and bread were good.

Kenya Airways
Seychelles – Nairobi (Kenya)

I don’t know that bread up there is a vegan or not. I asked her and she said she couldn’t know. I ate steamed vegetables, rice, and chickpea currie. I was a good meal.

Nairobi (Kenya) – Cairo (Egypt)

They didn’t know I ordered a vegan meal. He asked me to wait a minute and he brought me this. Looking at the plate, I thought it was a business class meal.
I ate three soft waffles, almonds, maple syrup, and strawberry jam. For dessert, I ate kiwi, mango, watermelon, pineapple, grape, and banana.

Aeroflot Airline
Cairo (Egypt) – Moscow (Russia)

That mushroom, spinach, and couscous meal was really delicious. And there’s a mung bean sprout in the salad. I put soy sauce on it, it tastes like an Asian salad.
The bread is tough and salty… But that fruit snack was really good. It contains dried fruit, nut, and cinnamon. It was sweet and chewy. I really enjoyed it.

Aeroflot Airline
Moscow (Russia) – Dublin (Ireland)

Surprisingly, I ate the same meal. I was a little disappointed. But it was good anyway.

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