What I ate in Windhoek, Namibia (Vegan)

Chameleon Backpackers(Hostel)
Cornmeal pap, Vegan curry

At the hostel where I stayed, I could buy vegan dinner. It was delicious.


All the fruits I ate in Africa were delicious. The melon was really sweet.


I really love papaya. A ripe papaya is a real paradise.

Klara’s Market
Vegan chili rice

It was spicy. It would be hard to eat if you can’t eat spicy food. This is a cafe that sells groceries and food. I liked this place because I could buy vegan food.

Klara’s Market
Vegan burrito wrap
Klara’s Market
Vegan peanut butter ice cream

Rather than ice cream, I felt like eating peanut butter cream inside a cookie.

Klara’s Market
Quinoa salad

It was refreshing. The harmony of crunchy cucumber and soft quinoa was good.

Clicks Pharmacy, Wernhil Park Shopping mall
Carob coated rice cakes

If you want a chocolate rice cake, you can buy this. It’s made of carob powder, but it tastes like chocolate.

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