What I ate in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Vegan)

The Three Monkeys Restaurant & Bar
Turkish pizza

Roast cumin, root vegetables, aubergine, rocket, basil pesto and butternut shavings
It was a little too much to eat alone, but it was really good.

Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe
Spinach and butternut wrap

A crisp tortilla filled with butternut, spinach, served with a side salad & potato wedges.
This food is not originally a vegan menu. You can eat it without cheese and mayonnaise.

Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe
Mango juice
Nam Took
Curry rice, Spring roll

The food was not bad, but the smell of exhaust fumes was very bad. There is a parking lot in front of the restaurant. If you go to this restaurant, I recommend you sit inside, not by the window.

Shearwater Cafe
Energiser juice

Apple, carrot, orange and ginger
It was the perfect drink for the hot summer weather.

Shearwater Cafe
Spring rolls, Rainforest salad(without cheese)

Spring rolls: Crispy vegetable spring rolls, with mini portion of salad and thai dipping sauce/ It was really crispy. I recommend this menu. It was good.
Rainforest salad: Chunky style salad served with sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, and green olives tossed with garden herbs and mixed greens/ The salad was fresh and pretty. But if you don’t want to ruin your make-up, you should cut it into small pieces. And you should also remove olive seeds.

The Three Monkeys Restaurant & Bar
Turkish pizza

I ordered it again because it was delicious. The second Turkish pizza was not good… The dough was too thick, and pizza topping was salty.

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