What I ate in Cape Town, South Africa (Vegan)

Lekker Vegan Harrington
High performance(Green), Cheeze sticks, Sweet potato chips, Lekker cheezy bunini

Cheeze sticks: The inside is full of shredded cheddar cheese.
Sweet potato chips: It was really soft.
Lekker cheezy bunini: Toasted burger bun, melted vegan cheddar cheese, fresh tomato & chives/ It’s really crispy. It’s convenient to eat because it’s thin.

Plant burger, Won tons, Samossas, Still water

I really hate to write bad things about the vegan restaurant. But I think I should tell the truth. Overall, it wasn’t delicious. I just remember the corn was delicious.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront
M’s salad pizza bowl

Lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumber, onion, avo, vinaigrette, sunflower seeds served in a pizza dough bowl
The salad was a really salty.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront
Lazio, Zucca(Half & Half Pizza)

Lazio: Vegan cheese, avocado, roasted cherry tomato, pumpkin seed pesto
Zucca: Vegan cheese, butternut and tomato base, roasted butternut, roasted beetroot, rocket, avo, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds/ I recommend this pizza. It’s delicious.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront

Cashew cream, caramel pineapple, orange flavoured crumble, coconut shavings
It would be better if the cashew cream was smooth.

Scheckter’s RAW Gourmet
Smoothie bowl(I can’t remember the name of the food. I’m sorry.)
Food Lover’s Market(122 St Georges Mall)
Salad bar

It was really good because there were a lot of vegan foods in the salad bar.

Moro Gelato
Chai, Chocolate sorbetto, Limone, Granadilla(Passion fruit)

It is no different from normal ice cream. But Granadilla (Passion frutes) has seeds, so if you don’t like seeds, you shouldn’t order.

Royale Eatery
Vegan cheese burger

Soya mince patty with melted vegan cheddar, caramelized onion and homemade tomato relish
Compared to ‘Plant’ Burger, this restaurant is a winner. It was really delicious. Potatoes were crispy and patty was juicy.

Unframed Ice Cream
Vanilla, Lemon(?)

I don’t know how to explain. It wasn’t the usual ice cream. It was greasy and strange. I don’t know if it’s changed now.

Woolworths – V&A Waterfront
Pea-lafels with bulgur mix & roasted veg
Food Lover’s Market(122 St Georges Mall)
Salad bar, Nakd bar(Cashew Cookie)

It was really nice to have a variety of fresh vegetables at once. I really liked this mart when I was in Cape Town. And Nakd bar is always good.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront

Greens, cucumber, avo, corn, cherry tomatoes, carrots, sunflower & sesame seeds, peppadew™ piquanté peppers, lemon oil
I ordered this food to be eaten with pizza. But I think you can order only this food. It was plentiful and delicious. But the vegetables were cut really small. Vegetables keep falling off when I eat it.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront
Cosi verde

Spinach base, vegan cheese, broccoli, edamame, vegan basil pesto, spring onion, black pepper
If you like edamame and basil pesto you will like this pizza. The Vegan basil pesto was sweet, so the pizza was entirely sweet. Pizza dough and topping were perfect.

Raw and Roxy

This is a raw Vegan restaurant. I was wondering what this Lasagne would taste like. Tomato sauce and cashew nut cream sauce were really delicious. It was a thick texture. It was amazing.

Raw and Roxy
Smoothie(I can’t remember the name.)

A lot of frozen bananas are in. It feels like ice cream. Eating edible flowers were really fun, too. Everything was pretty in this restaurant.

Raw and Roxy

It looks like a chocolate cake. It tastes like chocolate cake. (?)

Food Lover’s Market(122 St Georges Mall)
Avocado maki, Salad bar

Avocado has turned brown. But it was really good. And my favorite salad bar was always perfect.

Lekker Vegan Harrington
Pie & soft serve combo

Pie(Apple crumble pie), caramel sauce, and soft serve were all perfect. What a sweet dessert.

Lekker Vegan Harrington
Lekker crispy (+Make it naked)

Crispy fried patty, vegan melted cheddar, fried onion rings, lettuce & tomato, lakker OG sauce
You can eat without a burger bun.

col’cacchio – V&A Waterfront
Cosi verde

It was delicious enough to eat twice.

Woolworths – V&A Waterfront
Papaya, Falafel & beetroot wrap

It will be hard for these foods to taste bad. It was really good to eat simply.

Woolworths – V&A Waterfront
Cacao & goji berry activated date bites/ almonds, beetroot goji berries & coconut booster date bites

It was so cute. If you feel tired of a square energy bar, you can buy this.

Tashas – V&A Waterfront
Freshly squeezed fruit juice
Tashas – V&A Waterfront
Vanilla berry smoothies
Moro Gelato

Chai is my favorite. It was the most delicious for me.

Cheese Sticks, Enchilada

Cheese Sticks: Fried mozzarella cheese coated in panko bread crumbs, served with sweet balsamic and tomato sauce
Enchilada: Tortilla wrap filled with beans, sweet potato mash and cooked salsa, smothered in a creamy tomato sauce. Served with guacamole, cashew sour cream, tomato.
I visited this restaurant again with hope. I don’t think you should expect the taste. Maybe only food I ordered is like that. Other foods can be delicious.

Moro Gelato
Vegan milkshake(Chai)

It is a mixture of soy milk with Chai. It is not a thick milkshake. Anyway, the cup is so pretty.

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